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    Pro funds Syndicated Mortgages

    In a nutshell, does anyone know about Profunds Mortgages in Burlington Ontario? They advertise high returns, 8-16% per year with a 20 year track record. Risks? Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
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    Edmonton. Legalizing a secondary Suite, process

    Hello Rein members. Can someone give me an idea as to the process to legalize a secondary suite in Edmonton? The home is about 6 years old, has a suite in it which was sold by the Realtor as being legal, but is not. The community is one which does allow secondary suites. I'm in Calgary and have...
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    Investor Guard Insurance for AFS property.

    I recently purchased a property via AFS in Calgary. While setting up my Investor Guard Insurance with Park Insurance, they cautioned me that any insurance claim payouts would be made out to myself AND the person on title. Obviousely, I'd like to ensure that i alone will be able to cash any...
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    Possible Asbestos in Linoleum Flooring

    I need to remove some linoleum flooring on a home in Calgary built in 1952. The Kitchen has a layer of linoleum over linoleum type tiles. So my guess is that there could be some asbestos somewhere, although I'm not certain. Any suggestions as to how to proceed, assuming i don't want to lay...
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    Finding registered property owner.

    Hello. Are there any inexpensive ways to find the registered owner of a specific property in the Calgary Area? Thanks, Dan
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    Need Advice

    Hello Investors, I`m looking for a little advice as this will be the first Commercial property I`m buying. I`m going to make an offer on a Business Condo in Calgary. for personal use. I like the space, and would like to get it, so I`m willing to pay near market value, if i have to. Property is...
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    Ron Legrand seller financing event, Apr 22-24

    Hi. I want to attend the Ron Legrand seller financing event in Calgary, April 22-24. The cost is 2,000 if paid all at once. I can bring a "guest" for free and split the cost. Is anyone interested in hooking up with me on this event? Cheers, Dan