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  1. RedlineBrett

    NEWS - Calgary Secondary Suites

    Looks like anyone with an illegal suite can legalize it to fire code standards rather than building code standards, as long as your suite was built before March 12, 2018. This will be in effect for...
  2. RedlineBrett

    Do you like it hot or cold?

    Curious to hear what market investors like best? mid 2008-mid 2010 was a down market, great time to buy but tough to find tenants and we watched peak values erode. Harder to raise money despite lots of great deals everywhere. stayed even for a few years but mid 2013 through to now has been...
  3. RedlineBrett

    Commercial Rate Check

    One of our commercial loans is coming up for renewal this spring, and I am trying to decide whether to stick with our existing lender or engage a broker for options. Has anyone done any deals in Alberta recently? What are rates like out there for 5 year conventional? This is for Calgary...
  4. RedlineBrett

    Rentals on MLS

    This is coming to Calgary as of February 4th. I know they are already on the MLS and are actively traded in Ontario... I'm curious about market reception to a few things and would love a chance to speak with an ontario broker / realtor / property manager that has a good undertstanding of the...
  5. RedlineBrett

    Calgary Leasing Agents needed!

    Do you have your realtor's license and are looking to take your career to the next level? Would you like a steady leasing commission cheque every month PLUS sales cheques? Interested in being part of Calgary's real estate revolution? PM me for more details!
  6. RedlineBrett

    Calgary Secondary suites - councillor support

    Cool table that shows who is in support of secondary suites, by each ward. Make sure you are voting for the right candidates! Link
  7. RedlineBrett

    legal vs. illegal suites

    Thomas I noticed you posted your thoughts in a couple threads and I thought I would create a new one so that interested investors can more easily engage the conversation.
  8. RedlineBrett

    Redline coming to Toronto ACRE

    I'll be working a booth there this weekend. Looking forward to seeing some fresh faces from out east, and showing Ontario based investors how easy it is to invest in Calgary, REIN's #1 investment market two years running. We are a great fit for investors looking for 'boots on the ground' while...
  9. RedlineBrett

    New Member introduction - RedlineAngelina!

    Hello REIN community. It's my pleasure to introduce REINs latest member, Angelina De Boer! Most members know I own and operate a real estate brokerage in Calgary and that I specialize in investment property sales and property managment. What may come as a surprise to many though is that...
  10. RedlineBrett

    Calgary Ranchlands - stay away from these tenants

    Dawn M. and Jason B + 2 kids They're certifiable. I have an order from RTDRS booting them from one of our suites for Nov. 30th and they'll be on the hunt now. They'll likely want to stay in RL due to their child's schooling. If you have a vacancy there, or near there PM me for more info.
  11. RedlineBrett

    Employment Opportunity - Handyman / General Labor

    We have an opportunity for a full time position within our maintenance / general contracting division. If you know someone who might be interested please have them send their resume to
  12. RedlineBrett

    New Employment Opportunity - Redline Real Estate

    We have an opening for a new Leasing Associate with our brokerage. If you are a licensed realtor in Calgary looking for consistency (we pay you a share of the management business income every month for each lease you sign) as well as a pool of leads and referral opportunities with our other...
  13. RedlineBrett

    Redline New World Headquarters

    Hey guys, I've taken a couple months off REINspace. But back at it for the fall! We've had a super busy summer as always, and we've notice the Calgary market gaining a lot of momentum both in the pricing of invetment properties and rental rates. The calibre of applicants has increased...
  14. RedlineBrett

    Small business evaluation

    Does anyone know a good resource that outlines common practices for small business evaluation? I would like to put a value on my business outside of my real estate assets with an eye to either raising funds based on its performance or securing debt corporately. I also need it for my personal...
  15. RedlineBrett

    Calgary Investment Properties and ACRE 2012

    Now is a good time to sell in Calgary - very little supply out there. If you have a clean, suited property and you don't need more than $400k for it you shouldn't have too much trouble selling. But it's a price-sensitive market segment given that it's mostly investors shopping. So if you...
  16. RedlineBrett

    RECA fines realtor $10k for illegal property management

    See the weekly RECA case summary here. page 5. This guy was licensed, but because he didn't run his rents through his brokerage he was fined. He complied and did everything they asked but they still fined him. I post...
  17. RedlineBrett

    Full time administration postion offered - Calgary

    Want to be part of an exciting real estate company on the rise in Calgary? Looking for a career change for the new year? Redline Real Estate Group is looking for a full time administrator to work with our property management group. This is a salaried position with benefits. 9-5 hours...
  18. RedlineBrett

    Elevator Mafia

    So I bought a building with an elevator. First elevator I've ever owned. The existing owner had a service provider coming by for a fixed cost of $450/month doing 'inspections and routine maintenance'. No contract in place as the previous one they had signed had expired, yet they were still...
  19. RedlineBrett

    When everything for sale is a dump...

    What do you do? Most investors I know are apprehensive about buying a property and then turning around and putting between 5 and 10% of FMV back into it to set it up for a solid long term hold with few recurring maintenance issues. I tell them that 'no one will sell a trouble free asset in...
  20. RedlineBrett

    Wow! 5 star ratings everywhere!

    What is with this 5 star rating system. I can rate my own posts and I know there are several posters that must be giving themselves ratings right after they post. Seems like every post they make gets 5 stars. Anyway the forum can be modified so you can't rate your own posts? Another...