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    Collections questions

    Good day, I am looking to pick someones brain about collections in Ontario. I belong to a group of investors in Muskoka, Ontario and some concerns about the collection process came up so I wanted to do some fact finding and maybe get some references for a good, efficient agency. Some questions...
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    How do you get rid of the smell of cat urine?

    I am looking at a house and the basement stinks of cat urine. It is a bare basement floor and the walls are finished with other rooms going off from this main area at the bottom of the stairs where the pervasive smell is. My worry is that I will have to strip the walls down to studs to get rid...
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    Opportunity in Kitchener, I have a lead on this property. Contact me if interested.

    Kitchener Ontario 2,049 sq feet 4 bed 2-1/2 bathrooms In ground pool 2 car garage Finished basement Approximate repairs needed $40,000 Closest and most recent comps are 240 Lydia street, 126 Jackson avenue, 239 Lydia street which are all much smaller properties without finished basements I...