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  1. Will Thompson

    Construction Loan

    Can anyone recommend a good place to go for a construction loan in Vancouver ?
  2. Will Thompson

    Tenant abandoned property without paying rent.

    I had a new tenant setup for my rental house. Checked references and met them a couple of times. Young family seemed trustworthy. I got a holding deposit and ½ month rent as deposit and allowed them to move in 2 days early. It just so happened that Interact was down that weekend so they...
  3. Will Thompson

    Neighbours Trees

    The neighbours trees have not been cut back in a long time and are well within my property lines. I have tried to contact him to discuss but he hasn't returned my calls or emails. I have obtained a quote for $1,200 to cut back but I don't feel I should be paying for his lack of tree maintenance...
  4. Will Thompson

    Do you need a building permit to evict tenants (Vancouver) ?

    Do you need a building permit to evict tenants (Vancouver) ? I am involved in an 11 unit multifamily property in Vancouver. The building is a 1950s building and we have leaking plumbing pipes throughout. The intent is to replace the plumbing pipes (substantial drywall and flooring has to be...
  5. Will Thompson

    Looking for a contractor in Abbotsford.

    New build and renovation. Any references would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Will Thompson

    Can anyone recommend a Realtor in Osoyoos ?

    any references would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  7. Will Thompson

    Best Bank ?

    I am about to open a business account with a bank. Before doing so I thought it best to ask around for an opinion. Does one bank stand out for you as the best ?
  8. Will Thompson

    Staging Costs

    I have just been quoted $3,500 for staging plus $1,500 per additional month. Its a 2 bed apartment in Vancouver, 900sqft. Is this a reasonable cost ?
  9. Will Thompson

    Taxing Question. Joint ventures

    I believe this is a difficult question and one that I plan to put to my accountant during my next meeting. In the meantime, I would appreciate any feedback. I would like to joint venture with an incorporated company. However, I am also a shareholder of the company. Has anyone done this ? Would...
  10. Will Thompson

    Selling in Vancouver. Is now a good time ?

    The market has been slow over the last few months in Vancouver. I believe this is due to; 1. Annual holiday slow down, 2. Chinese authorities making it harder to bring money over, 3. The 15% foreign buyers tax. My thoughts are that the market will return to normal soon. However, I was...