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  1. MikeMcCrae

    Rent to own

    One of my agents recieved a solicitation from a rent to own company out of Vancouver. Do any of you know anything about a company called Equitable Property Developments? It sounds like they have a good program but I want to do a bit of research on them before I give my agents the go ahead to use...
  2. MikeMcCrae

    Looking to learn

    As it turns out the prohibition on lending RRSP money to yourself is no longer in place. Mortgages can now be done for your own properties. (this has been the case for a while now but I just found out) I have only found one trust company that is doing these loans but they have too many...
  3. MikeMcCrae

    Alberta Royalty Regime

    Who could have predicted that this issue would be revisited?
  4. MikeMcCrae

    Mortgage Brokers

    I am looking for a mortgage broker in Grande Prarie. Can anyone recommend one. Has to be locally based. Thanks,
  5. MikeMcCrae

    New Car

    Hi all, I haven`t posted for a while it`s been a very busy time. Most of you have heard about how much cheaper cars are right now in the US. The down fall is you can`t finance them so cash is needed. Well thanks to haveing an extra house just sitting around and a customer willing to keep paying...
  6. MikeMcCrae

    article not posting

    I sent a post to the JV forum and it has not shown up. Did I do something wrong? post #11204
  7. MikeMcCrae

    Buy property with little effort

    Have you been wanting to get into the Alberta real estate market but don`t know where to start? I know the Leduc market very well. Leduc has a population of just under 20,000 people and is growing extremely fast. Being only 5 minutes to the Edmonton International Airport and Nisku (a huge...
  8. MikeMcCrae


    Hello all, I just returned from a 2 week motorcycle ride in South Texas and had a ball with my brother and brother inlaw. One night my phone rings and my brother inlaw tells me that he and my brother are leaving in 6 days for a 2 week bike ride and would I like to come. Do you know how great...
  9. MikeMcCrae

    Renovation people and Managers in Lloydminster

    I have some issues getting help with renovations in Lloyd. Does anybody deal up there and also who do you use for property management. Thanks,
  10. MikeMcCrae

    New finance program

    CMHC`s new 100% rental finance product is now out. Up to 100% finance for rentals and up to 95% refinance for rentals. The product is expensive but it is buried into the mortgage. Talk to your brokers for more details.