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  1. Mitch 6711

    Making a legal suite

    Lots can go wrong with renovations especially if you haven’t done too many. It’s easy to go over budget and over timeline. It’s likely you will not get back what you put in to the renovation when you sell. I agree with Matt. If you are selling in the near future don’t bother with the suite...
  2. Mitch 6711

    Any great contractors or property managers in Edmonton?

    I use Adam Tassone for my contracting services (780) 907-0659. He may work out for you. Also Jared Hope Owner of LLR does both he knows the Edmonton market well.
  3. Mitch 6711

    Contractor Legal Secondary Suite Edmonton

    I am looking to to hire a quality contractor that has experience building legal secondary suites in Edmonton. Does anyone have a referral for me?