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    How to watch or listen to content at 2x speed

    Big Thanks to Nick Banks who has already made changes. Here is a CC of what he sent me in email. Follow the first link to see where you can make the setting change for yourself. Hi John - just wanted to update you. We have done some digging and we have found a way to embed a setting in the...
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    How to watch or listen to content at 2x speed

    I enjoy listening to podcasts and Youtube at 1.75 times or 2 times normal speed. How can I watch or listen to your content in this manner? I tried to change the settings on the National REIN Member Meeting Webinar (VIDEO) and it only allowed me to change the quality of the video. I am sure that...
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    Canadian in the US

    HI, I too am a Canadian living in the US. While I don't yet have a property in the US, I found this book very helpful and the best for providing standard and specific advice. The authors appear to have extensive experience and operate a blog too. Border Guide: A Guide to Living, Working...