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  1. Matt Crowley

    Property insurance

    Has anyone had success with an alternative insurer to Park Insurance. My premiums are up 60% this year (never made a claim). Anyone reputable out there you would recommend? I've received a quote from Wachovia but am concerned about some of their exclusions. Insurance is for a SFH with legal...
  2. Matt Crowley

    Looking for a motivated Edmonton individual for some PM work

    Hi, A friend of mine had been managing a legally suited home for me in Edmonton for the past ~2 years. His plate is too full and can't help me out any more. There is basic PM work required and a monthly report, all of which is in a template that is very easy to follow. Rates are similar to...
  3. Matt Crowley

    Calgary condos undervalued

    I've been walking around making a distinctive market call but began exploring this with a previous post: Is the sum greater than the parts?, and I'm now going to take an actual stance on it: I believe that Calgary condos are currently undervalued. - 15-20% discount in purchasing standalone...
  4. Matt Crowley

    Alberta condos vs. multifamily: is the sum greater than the parts?

    I'm looking at a small value-add apartment in an inner city neighbourhood in Calgary. As part of the exit sensitivity analysis, I am looking at what renovated condo units are selling for on the market. Before considering condo fees, it looks to me that investment properties are pound-for-pound...
  5. Matt Crowley

    RRSP Home Buyers Plan - personal use

    I'm looking for a mortgage broker who can help me figure out the eligible funds I have for the RRSP home buyers plan. I called Dan Heon's guys and they said go look on the internet. I want a guy who will fill out forms, investigate, and basically provide a service. If I have to fill out all the...
  6. Matt Crowley

    Edmonton PM with monthly reporting

    Can anyone provide a recommendation for a PM company that provides actual monthly reporting? I have been looking for a company and haven't found any that provide reporting. What I would like: - monthly Quickbooks / financials - property performance v. budget - PDF of any leases, receipts...
  7. Matt Crowley

    Vaughan Investors can you comment: Cosmos condos 1100 unit with 100% presales giving the money back?

    Can those familiar with the Vaughan market provide any commentary on this: My take on this is that it has nothing to do with financing ... with 1100 presales and some buyers putting down...
  8. Matt Crowley

    Edmonton $ value of legal suite

    Looking for some experienced hands here. I have a 980 SF Mill Woods bi-level legal suite and am trying to estimate a value for the suite. My Realtor has great comps in the neighbourhood but we are struggling to land on a value for the suite. Separate laundry. Think of a renovated Mainstreet...
  9. Matt Crowley

    Pop? (Commentary on Toronto Housing Market)

    Two people with direct knowledge of the matter said that lenders had reduced their average valuation on properties by 12 to 15 per cent since March. Source:
  10. Matt Crowley

    RBC Brutal return to normal in Ontario chills Canada housing market
  11. Matt Crowley

    Looking for Edmonton-based accountant

    Hello REIN members, I'm looking for your recommendations for an Edmonton-based accountant. I own a few properties through a corporation and would like an accountant who can produce I/S, B/S, (CFS would be a nice bonus) and is very accurate on the tax side. I keep track of the monthly...
  12. Matt Crowley

    Utility prices in AB and mitigation strategies

    Alberta landlords: Carbon Levy on natural gas will begin Jan 1, 2017 with $1.011 / GJ premium over current rates. (Source: Electricity rates likely to escalate significantly as well due to the phase out of...
  13. Matt Crowley

    Garage abandoned with cars inside

    In Edmonton, Alberta I have a garage rented out with a warehouseman's lease (basically a commercial lease not governed by RTA). We rented out the garage on a 6 month term for $225 per month and a $225 damage deposit. The tenant paid for the first month in cash and stored a 2000s Mustang (not...
  14. Matt Crowley

    BC: Action on Realtor conduct

    Glad to see BC taking action on the shadow market of assignments: This is exactly why I think the whole Ron LeGrand approach is outdated. Morally void vulturism. Beware "creative real estate" enthusiasts. Your business...
  15. Matt Crowley

    Alberta tenant abandonment: questions on correct process

    Thank you for your input! Last week I had a tenant provide no notice and moved out on March 1, 2016. This tenant has previously paid late but usually remedied the situation. I was prepared for late payment and after receiving no response from the tenant, filed with RTDRS on March 2, 2016. I...
  16. Matt Crowley

    Optimal paint for rental units

    Any suggestions for best paint for rental units? I'm officially going all renter-beige as it looks the cleanest and having one color makes touch ups so much easier and more efficient. What product should I buy? Brand? Gloss / flat? What is the color name of the paint? Thanks. PS. not...
  17. Matt Crowley

    WTI Supply and Demand Global Volumes

    I'm doing a bit of digging on global oil prices from a volumetric supply and demand perspective. I'm not looking to start trading in oil futures or anything but I would like to find a site that gives some idea of actual online capacity and supply. I have a suspicion that someone on this forum...
  18. Matt Crowley

    Alberta CHBA Nov YTD Results: Prepare to Weather the Storm!

    I find that CHBA (Canadian Home Builders Association) puts together one of the better economic summary reports and goes a little deeper than most. Source: Reading Calgary and Edmonton YTD results side by side: Calgary: 2015 YTD total housing starts...
  19. Matt Crowley

    Basement window replacement - what is the right way?

    One of my suites is going to need new basement windows in the spring. The downstairs tenants are experiencing drafts and it looks like the seals on the aluminum windows have failed as there is a fair bit of condensation. This property is a bi-level so there will be no trouble with window wells...
  20. Matt Crowley

    Two furnaces one venting system? What is the right repair?

    I'm looking to get some input from someone with some furnace / HVAC expertise. I am diagnosing a legal suite in Edmonton with two furnaces. Originally, I was under the impression that each furnace had its own independent duct system (one for upstairs and one for downstairs). As you can see in...