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    Toronto`s Real Estate Bubble

    I have to admit that I didn't read all 74 posts but these are my two cents. For my full time day job I work on behalf of a pension fund investor that holds $13 billion of A-AAA quality real estate in Canada. The objectives and source of cash are slightly different than a typical condo builder or...
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    How do you determine the maximum price you would pay?

    Hi all, I always hear people talk about "this is the maximum price I would pay" or "put in an amount of $$$ and see what the seller says...". How do people come out with that ceiling price on what to pay? Thanks! Chris
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    Using CAP Rate for making offers

    For example if I am looking at a 7% cap rate but based on research (i.e. appraiser/broker) the area generally should yield say 8% cap rate then I should do = gross income - expected costs / regional avg. cap rate to determine the value that I should pay for? How would I determine what the CAP...
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    Help to structure mt first deal

    QUOTE (invst4profit @ Oct 3 2008, 07:24 AM) Right on alex. There is no room for emotion in this business. Except for the ones associated with being successful. 40-50% of gross rental income? ie of $3200?
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    Looking for a seminar on how to network?

    An excellent book that I would recommend on networking is a book called "Dig your well before you are thirsty" by Harvey MacKay. Absolutely incredible book on truly understanding the value of networking. Networking sometimes has a stigma to being manipulative and scheming. After reading this...
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    Hi, I have heard some discussion about investing in REITs on this forum though I`m not too familiar with them. My understanding is that they`re basically like a cross between a mutual fund and a stock in that you`re holding a "unit" of what the real estate portfolio invests into. Is that...
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    city taxes and how to anticipate them

    Greg, how did you come about the $450,000 maximum offer price? QUOTE (invst4profit @ May 21 2009, 09:33 AM) Rule #1. A investment properties value is based on today`s income not tomorrow`s. Although you may feel you can increase the rents the present owner can only expect the value of his...
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    I would be interested and I can pull together 2-3 other friends who will be to. You can reach me at if you want to schedule something. Thanks!
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    Legal issue for condo

    So whether you can rent out the den as a bedroom, legally or not, really depends on the condo corporation`s rules. If you use it as a bedroom what sort of procedures do you have to complete for the conversion? Cause if you had a SFD and you wanted to convert it into a duplex - you would have to...
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    Toronto Real Estate Investing Group

    QUOTE (markl @ May 1 2009, 10:27 AM) There are a bunch of smaller groups in Toronto that meet. I am going to send you an email with them while they are a lot cheaper than REIN you do not get the same value and most of the people who put them on have alternative motives I will email rather than...
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    Tenant screening tips (?)

    I was just wondering how would you drop by their place to drop off something or inspect the astray of their car without coming off as being too invasive of personal space? Or if they give you any excuse for that you just reject their application?
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    Legal issue for condo

    Hi, If you have a 2br + Den condo, is it legal to convert the den into a bedroom to make it into a 3br unit? Is that legal? Would the renter just sign a regular rental agreement as well? In case of a dispute, are you dealing with the same landlord-tenant relationships? Chris
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    Career Advice: Accountant to Investor

    QUOTE (SusanPenner @ Apr 29 2009, 12:37 PM) Hi Chris: The advice you`ve had so far and your ideas sound like you are well on your way. Yes get out of the CA firm and head into industry to manage the work week hours. From my experience, you can still work 40/60/80 hour weeks in industry, so...
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    Career Advice: Accountant to Investor

    QUOTE (jkcomm @ Apr 27 2009, 12:40 PM) Hi Chris, I am a CGA and have been working in industry for a good number of years. You`ve worked so hard for your CA... I wouldn`t just give it up yet! Working in industry has allowed me to spend more time analyznig real estate and catch up with what`s...
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    How to pick a realtor?

    QUOTE (llee @ Apr 27 2009, 12:17 PM) There was a thread from Dan before: Thanks, Lucas Hi Lucas, Thanks for the reply. That was a useful thread. How would you usually...
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    Career Advice: Accountant to Investor

    Hi, Background: I am currently 23 and I have a Chartered Accountant Designation working at Deloitte. I come from a business/accounting background. In the past my working hours are usually 9:00-6:00 and during the busier times of the year I work 8:30-11:00 and occasionally on the weekends as...
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    How to pick a realtor?

    Hi, So over the weekend I met up with a couple realtors. I wanted to get an idea of how people usually screen their realtors and what`s the proper "etiquette"? Usually I would start with referrals from family/friends/REIN so I`m not starting off completely blind - Do you usually have...
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    REIN bookshelf

    Networking with people being a huge element of success in this business I would suggest two books on how to work with people: Havey Mackay`s - Dig Your Well Before You`re Thirsty : The Only Networking Book You`ll Ever Need How to...
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    Investing in Toronto Condos

    Taking a look at a condo thats for sale in my building now which is a one bedroom harbourfront condo downtown toronto: Price: $318K Mortgage Payment: (4%, 35 years, 20% down): $1126/MO Insurance: $25/MO Maintenance/utiltiies: $418/MO Prop tax: $172/MO Avg rent: $1450/MO CF: -$291 This is a...
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    First time Kitchener investor requests referrals

    I am in the same boat as well. Feel free to email me at