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    Check Your Insurance Coverage

    Rental Property Damage Repair equals a Capital Gain? Ottawa family livid over AWOL tenant Landlords of a south Ottawa rental property say damage that occurred during a time the property was leased to a tenant from Saudi-Arabia has cost them $70,000. The property, which is on San Remo...
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    Canadian home resale prices decline with U.S.

    Canadian home resale prices decline with U.S. Wednesday, 29 December 2010 As U.S. home prices slipped in October so did Canadian home resale prices, falling 0.4 per cent from September, according to Teranet-National Bank composite house price index. This was the second consecutive drop in the...
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    China`s Real Estate BUBBLE?

    The hottest market in the hottest economy in the world is Chinese real estate. The big question is how vulnerable is this market to a crash. One red flag is the vast number of vacant homes spread through China, by some estimates up to 64 million vacant homes. Read more...
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    Unsolicited YELLOW LETTERS

    Locals receive yellow letters with offers to buy their homesTue Nov. 30 Many Calgarians are receiving unsolicited letters in their mailboxes, with the sender offering to buy their home. CTV Calgary`s consumer specialist Lea Williams-Doherty investigated to see if this is a...
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    Disclosure Form is a Danger to Buyers and Sellers

    Disclosure Form is a Danger to Buyers and Sellersby Bob Aaron November 13, 2010 Over the years, I have repeatedly criticized the Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS), a form published by the Ontario Real Estate Association. Use of the form is a controversial issue in the real estate...
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    15 story hotel built in just 6 days

    15 story hotel built in just 6 days
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    Boardwalk REIT`s revenue FLAT, occupancy UP

    Boardwalk REIT`s Revenue FLAT, Occupancy UPCALGARY - Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust is reporting higher occupancy at its more than 35,000 rental units across the country, but flat revenue, as the Calgary-based company commented on third quarter results.Canada`s largest landlord said it...
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    Canmore renters must pay $19,000 in damages after dog pee destroys carpet

    Canmore renters must pay $19,000 in damages after dog pee destroys carpet CALGARY HERALD NOVEMBER 3, 2010 Not even the surprise attendance of a harmless-looking Yorkshire terrier could persuade a judge to exercise leniency on Tuesday in Canmore small claims court. Provincial court...
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    OREA Forms Confuse Lawyers Consumers

    OREA forms continue to confuse lawyers and consumersWhen does a real estate deal close — when the deed is registered, when the keys and money change hands or when the seller moves out of the house?This question was raised by London, Ont., lawyer Lorne Campbell in response to my Oct. 2 column...
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    Deflation USA: `Way Past the Point of No Return`

    The Economy and Deflation Our contention last month was that the economy is moving into a critical new phase, an outright deflation in which “prices fall because people expect falling prices.” Obviously, this implies an element of recognition, as efforts to protect against indebtedness and...
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    Real Property Report or Title Insurance, or BOTH?

    Lawyers may kill deals not in client`s best interest From time to time, lawyers get accused by real estate agents of being "deal killers." I was reminded of this recently in an email from Paula Riopelle, a real estate lawyer in Orleans, Ont. She was responding to my column, "Agents should never...
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    Hot button issues for residential tenancies in Ontario

    Hot Button Issues for Residential TenanciesReal estate lawyers involved in transactions of residential rental properties provide added value to their clients by flagging regulatory risks faced by landlords. Clients investing in rental property for the first time are often naïve about the...
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    OREA is up to date with 1980s technology

    OREA is up to date with 1980s technology Virtually all agreements of purchase and sale for homes or condominiums in Ontario are prepared on standard forms published by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). Unfortunately, those forms have a great number of shortcomings which do not promote...
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    Alberta House Prices OVERVALUED.

    Alberta House Prices Overvalued:
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    Victory for non-smoking condo couple

    A decision of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal late last year could have an enormous effect on owners and occupants of condominiums and rental apartments ACROSS CANADA in the coming months.
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    Supreme Court `Smith Manoeuvre` ruling

    Beware of mortgage tax deduction claims Earlier this month, the Supreme Court of Canada issued a decisive ruling that clarifies once and for all that the interest paid on a mortgage taken out to purchase a principal residence cannot be tax deductible under any circumstances (unless part of the...
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    Could Your Tenant sell you property from under you?

    Fraudster`s house `sale` ends up costing bank
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    The Products of SLUM-LORDS!

    1025 Monypenny Crescent, Sherwood Park 4707 – 50 Avenue, Legal, Alberta 12844 and 12846 - 85 St NW, Edmonton Suite 7, 10615-107 Street, Edmonton, 201 – 123 10 Avenue SW, Calgary...