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    Can I buy land with my corporation and lease it to myself

    I have a corporation (sole proprietorship) and I have some money in it that I would like to use to buy land. In a few years I would like to lease that land to myself and build a personal house on it. So can I lease land from my corporation? Is it something that can be done? Would you...
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    Move-In and Move-Out Inspection Reports

    Good Day I made a rookie mistake. When I rented my house in 2009 I didn't complete a move-in inspection report with the tenant. Now 2 years later I ended with a soiled, unusable, damaged house that has more damages than what the security deposit covers. After googling for some answers on...
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    Fort Mcmurray Condo

    I own a condo in Fort Mcmurray currently rented at 1800$ month with the lease ending in April 2013 Mortgage Payments are 772$ / biweekly including property taxes Condo Fees 267$/month So my rent basically covers my expenses but does not generate cash flow. My tenant is offering me to...
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    corporation renting to another corporation

    Can I form two different corporations. One that owns a house and one that do oilfield work. Then have the oilfield corporation renting from my other corporation owning the house. I own a house in Cold Lake which is currently rented to a family as I now live in Edmonton. I have been offer...
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    Sources of money for down payment

    Does it make sense to withdrawal money from RRSP to use as a down payment? This withdrawal would not be under the Home's Buyer's Plan as I already used it to purchase my 1st property. I own two properties right now that are rented out; unfortunately with no cash flow and very little...
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    HELOC - Rental property

    Is it possible to use the equity on a rental property to use as a down payment to purchase another property? What are the regulations on this?
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    Financing my tenants

    Is it possible for the owner of a house to finance its tenants so they can purchase the house? If my tenanats do not have the 5% down payment required. Can I lend them the money ?
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    Kijiji Ad

    I posted a condo for sale ad on kijiji and here is one the answer I got back. From: Hi, I'm wondering which building and which unit is this? Thank you. Chris would you answer such an inquiry?
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    Raising Capital, OPM

    We are four individuals and we are thinking of incorporating a company to invest in real estate mainly with multi-family buildings. One of us went to the lawyer and ask him how to go about incorporating and told him that we will be raising capital for some deals with OPM (other`s people money)...
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    What would you do?

    Purchase single family house in 2007 paid 260,000$ Put 30,000$ in renovation in it in 2008 In 2009 I moved to Fort Mcmurray and since I was not able to sell my house I decided to rent it. (1200$) Mortgage payment are 1600$ a month and mortgage renewal is in 2012. Would you keep the house rented...
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    Damage to property exceeding security deposit

    When damages to the property exceeds the amount of the security deposit what can a landlord do?
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    Change in use from personal-use to income-producing

    I would like to know what is best to do in my situation. I own a property in Cold Lake, Ab and in October 2009 I relocated to Fort Mcmurray for work and was renting an appartement until March 2010 when I bought a condo here in Fort Mcmurray while I still kept renting my residence in Cold Lake...