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    How do you determine the maximum price you would pay?

    Hi all, I always hear people talk about "this is the maximum price I would pay" or "put in an amount of $$$ and see what the seller says...". How do people come out with that ceiling price on what to pay? Thanks! Chris
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    Hi, I have heard some discussion about investing in REITs on this forum though I`m not too familiar with them. My understanding is that they`re basically like a cross between a mutual fund and a stock in that you`re holding a "unit" of what the real estate portfolio invests into. Is that...
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    Legal issue for condo

    Hi, If you have a 2br + Den condo, is it legal to convert the den into a bedroom to make it into a 3br unit? Is that legal? Would the renter just sign a regular rental agreement as well? In case of a dispute, are you dealing with the same landlord-tenant relationships? Chris
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    Career Advice: Accountant to Investor

    Hi, Background: I am currently 23 and I have a Chartered Accountant Designation working at Deloitte. I come from a business/accounting background. In the past my working hours are usually 9:00-6:00 and during the busier times of the year I work 8:30-11:00 and occasionally on the weekends as...
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    How to pick a realtor?

    Hi, So over the weekend I met up with a couple realtors. I wanted to get an idea of how people usually screen their realtors and what`s the proper "etiquette"? Usually I would start with referrals from family/friends/REIN so I`m not starting off completely blind - Do you usually have...
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    Survey: Your first property?

    Hi All, I was just curious as what was the first property that you bought like? 1. Age - how old were you then? 2. Price/down payment 3. Location (City, Province) 4. Personal use/rental 5. What mistakes did you make then and what did you learn from it? From that, what did you do differently...
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    New to real estate: where does your real estate knowledge come from?

    Hi, I am new to the real estate investing realm and I am very excited to learn more about the topic however I am struggling with where to start. To the experienced investors and other newbie investors out there, what are some good resources or knowledge databases that you have come across that...