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  1. Thomas Beyer

    Ride the wave in Canadas Wine Capital Oliver in BC

    Coming in 2021 - Huge and spacious, 3 bedroom 3.5 bath Riverside Townhomes located in downtown Oliver, BC -- Canada's Wine Capital -- combine open concept, light-filled interiors with contemporary architecture. Spacious kitchens, generous patios & decks to enjoy the view. 3 stylish bedrooms...
  2. Thomas Beyer

    Why housing is still a great investment

    Too much negative Covid fear mongering? Delayed tenant payments ? Tight cash flow? Fear not: Why housing is still a great investment. According to the CMHC, average Canadian house values have increased by over five per cent annually over 25-year periods going back to the Second World War. That...
  3. Thomas Beyer

    Coming in 2021 Spacious THs in Canadas Wine Capital Oliver BC

    Coming in 2021 - Huge and spacious*, with 2471 sqft including garage and decks, Riverside Townhomes combine open concept, light-filled interiors with contemporary architecture. With spacious kitchens, generous patios, and stylish bedrooms, Riverside Townhomes are beautiful by design and...
  4. Thomas Beyer

    BC Properties Tax Assessments now online

    Updated BC Property Tax Assessments are live at - check yours (and your neighbours, if you like) ! [emoji93]。[emoji173]。[emoji6]。[emoji256] 。[emoji320] 。[emoji322]。[emoji93] [emoji92]。\|/。[emoji259] [emoji322] Happy New [emoji324] [emoji483] Year 2020 [emoji482]...
  5. Thomas Beyer

    Vancouver real estate crisis - what crisis ?

    The decline of Vancouver real estate prices is vastly overestimated as ~300,000 Canadians live in Hong Kong and peace and safety is high on anyone’s list And also...
  6. Thomas Beyer

    New CRA Enforcement for RE taxes to come - esp BC

    More CRA driven RE tax enforcement to come after BC introduced new registration requirements on purchase AND SIN number disclosure on annual tax filings - especially in BC's 6 speculation tax regions (Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Nanaimo, Victoria region, Kelowna and West Kelowna)...
  7. Thomas Beyer

    Tax Audits

    More BC tax audits likely to reveal more tax evasion and create more properties tax revenue due to tax avoidance in B.C. since the new speculation tax requires SIN numbers of property owners. This will make it far easier to track (undeclared) income, properties owned by non-income tax payers...
  8. Thomas Beyer

    Insights from .. the Wealthy Barber

    Enjoy the long weekend !! Four (usually funny yet insightful) quotes from one of my favourite authors, David Chilton, the writer of the classic book “The Wealthy Barber” ..... Me: "I looked old in the mirror today." My son: "And out of it." Amazing how often kids forget that wills can be...
  9. Thomas Beyer

    Five year mortgage rates drifting down

    Fast to rise, but slow to come down. Five year mortgage rates about to drift somewhat lower to about 3.5% range Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! All is calm .. and pretty bright.
  10. Thomas Beyer

    BC Landlords view on rent caps

    The landlords’ view on unfairness of a 2% rent cap in BC: BC Hydro rates have increased 35% in the last 4 years. Every other utility and agency is increasing fees as well. Not to mention, that for larger employers they are imposing an Employer’s Health Tax of 1.95%. The list continues...
  11. Thomas Beyer

    9 Rental market myth debunked

    #RealityCheck: 9 myth about BC’s and Vancouver’s rental market - debunked Thomas Beyer, Asset Manager, Investor, Community Improver, Author, Father, Mentor
  12. Thomas Beyer

    Rental Demand growth outstrips home ownership growth - homeownership declines

    For the first time in decades, demand for rental housing is outpacing ownership, driving rent prices higher and deepening Canada’s housing affordability woes. Between 2011 and 2016, nearly 753,000 new households were formed. About 396,000 of those were rentals, which now account for 32 per...
  13. Thomas Beyer

    Thinking and study behind BC's new taxation policies on real estate

    One of the core thoughts & thinkers, Richard Wozny, behind the new BC taxation policies upon BCers. Richard noticed that the hospital staff were not able to live well in Vancouver despite their...
  14. Thomas Beyer

    Reverse Mortgage vs LOC for aging parents or in-laws

    Researching reverse mortgages I realize they are rather convenient as you do not have to pay any interest until death, or house/condo is sold. However, interest rates appear rather high today, around 6%, vs a more typical prime plus 1/2% to prime plus 1% secured LOC. Who has done this for their...
  15. Thomas Beyer

    5 ways to make money - and why real estate is so well suited here

    There are really only five ways to generate your own cash for a real estate transaction .. and you can do all five in time .. but you have to take them all seriously ! Real estate also covers 4 of the 5 ways to make money .. once you own a even one or a few THs, SFHs, apartment buildings, mobile...
  16. Thomas Beyer

    Make Alberta Great Again

    Not a surprise really that Jason Kenney will be Alberta’s next Premier by winning the UCP leadership race this afternoon. Congratulations. Awesome !! And thank you to both for running and putting so much time and conviction into the race & province they love. Both very capable men. Brian Jean...
  17. Thomas Beyer

    Slightly rising interest rates - Locking in or not ?

    The Bank of Canada raised the overnight target rate ("wholesale prime rate"), as expected, by 0.25% to 1% earlier this week. Banks tack on a generous 220% profit margin so the retail prime rate is now 3.2% (although it used to be 3% when BofC's overnight rate was 1% a few years ago). Banks are...
  18. Thomas Beyer

    A must read book about the history of capitalism

    Really, a book about the history of the land title system. Fascinating. Read it.
  19. Thomas Beyer

    New proposed OFSI rules attacking your real estate wealth

    Real estate AND the broader economy is under attack in Canada ! Access to capital is vital for business, the overall economy and of course real estate. If access to capital is artificially constrained by new government regulations, business, the overall economy and of course real estate will...
  20. Thomas Beyer

    Karoleena Homes - Prefab Homes - Feedback

    We are considering a new vacation home on the Sunshine Coast. Anyone have experience with Karoleena Homes, or other prefab home builders ? The good, the bad and the ugly please.