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  1. Tim Blake

    Bridge Financing 1st Mortgages Available

    Bridge Financing (Alberta only ) for flips or BRRR's Funds available to lend on 1st Mortgages (my funds not a broker) 3-12 Month terms 12% Interest only (No lender fees or points) 75% Loan to Value Very quick approval + funding especially once we have done more than 1 deal together. Ideally...
  2. Tim Blake

    Locking Mortgage Rates in my take

    Locking mortgage in may make sense now ! I have typically mostly went variable as rates usually lower. But just now locked in a 5yr fixed on several properties at several different banks. Always ask for discounts after they initially quote you rates. They usually come down If you are like...
  3. Tim Blake

    Condo Conversion ?

    Has anybody successfully completed a condo conversion ? I have a 5 bay shop under contract that is already titled 5 separate condo but has been operating as a multi unit owned by one owner. No condo reserve or fees ect I know most of the heavy lifting is done. Would love to talk to someone...
  4. Tim Blake

    High Level / Lacrete Area

    Hi Anyone from the High Level / Lacrete area ? Looking to talk with someone in that market Thank you
  5. Tim Blake

    Grande Prairie Apprentice

    Looking for a part time(as little as a few hrs a week or more ) apprentice /someone looking to learn about Real estate investing could be work for coaching exchange or some paid tasks . Ideal candidate will be a Grande Prairie area newer REIN member or someone who owns at least one rental...
  6. Tim Blake

    Grande Prairie Stats

    Just pulled stats for May in Grande Prairie though I would share All existing Homes and Duplex (not new ) city of Grande Prairie May 2016 Total Sales 77 ( -40% YOY ) AvgPrice $310,100 ( -5.83%...
  7. Tim Blake

    Grande Prairie Property management Revisited

    I know there has been extensive discussion on the lack of good property management in Gp in the past (as I was very involved in them) Havent heard anything on this in a couple years and I would like to offload my portfolio of single family homes if I can find a capable manager. Because of...