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  1. Dan Golby

    Renovation cost vs increased rent

    I'm in the process of buying a 4-plex. I take possession on the 30th. It is a 1978 build and could use a substantial amount of work. Windows are horrible, 2X4 build so needs a wrap, aside from fresh coats of white paint there has been little to no upgrades and the ones that were done scream...
  2. Dan Golby

    Dating in 2017

    Ok so this might get flagged by admin and that's ok but I've had some beer and I think it is time to spice up the general discussion forum! I've been separated 9 months, my wife refused to attend a REIN event, she was too busy throwing magic energy balls and becoming a psychic. We grew apart, it...
  3. Dan Golby

    4 plex investment

    I'm currently finalizing my divorce and looking at getting back into real estate in the next few months. I came across what I think is a pretty good deal, just wondering if multi-family experts can weigh in their opinion. I will share as much info as I have, I realize it might not be enough...
  4. Dan Golby

    Investment properties after divorce?

    A friend of mine is getting a divorce and asked me what I thought about dividing the assets, I had no idea so I thought I would ask on here. His scenario is that he has 3 properties, each worth roughly $325000 with very little equity in any of them. They are all located in Alberta (Edmonton...
  5. Dan Golby

    Any tips for Saskatoon??

    I will be moving to Saskatoon in the near future and want to start planning how I can make some money in real estate once I get there. I likely won't be buying until early 2017, maybe even middle of 2017 so I hope the market is near the bottom at that time. I was thinking about buying an older...
  6. Dan Golby

    Garage with suites above

    Has anyone on here has any experience with garage suites? I'm finding some good deals on older homes with bigger lots and alley access. In some cases they don't have existing garages. Would it make sense to build one that has a suite above it? What kind of zoning is required for this? I am in...
  7. Dan Golby

    Hiring good people in a tough market.....any tips?

    I realize this isn't real estate related but I'm pretty sure some people on here can help me out. Especially the people running a business in Alberta! I recently started managing an Electrical/Instrumentation company in Cold Lake Alberta. One of my first challenges will be to hire some people...
  8. Dan Golby

    So far so good:)

    I won`t pretend that I`m at the point of being a `Success Story` but I`m taking steps in the right direction``..and would really like to win some guest passes to ACRE Live in Edmonton :)Here is my extremely long winded story. You may want to grab a coffee or beer before starting. I`m...
  9. Dan Golby

    Pets in suited properties?? Opinions please!

    I have a suited house in Cold Lake AB that I was trying to sell, but it appears my timing was a bit late:( So now we are going to get it rented again and hold it longer. Just wondering if people have opinions on allowing pets in suited properties? The house is only 2 years old and in...
  10. Dan Golby

    Deferring capital gains when selling property

    Is it possible to sell a property in Canada and take the money and roll it into another property without paying capital gains? Just defer them to another day sort of thing I've always been under the impression that you could only do this in the USA but I talked to someone who owns a couple of...
  11. Dan Golby

    Letter to vacate - selling property

    We are selling one of our properties and the seller has asked that we give 3 months notice to the basement tenant as he plans to convert the house from an up and down suited to a room rental. The upstairs tenants have their lease expiring so no big deal but the basement guy is month to month...
  12. Dan Golby

    Roommate harassment issues

    Hopefully I can make sense of it goes: We have a suited house that we recently had some issues with the upstairs tenants. We originally leased it to 2 girls back in December and after a couple of months they weren't getting along and they wanted to break the lease and go their...
  13. Dan Golby

    Leduc or Spruce Grove?

    Just wondering if people have any opinions on Leduc and Spruce Grove. If there were 2 identical houses in similar communities, which town would you pick and why? Thanks in advance for your opinions! (and facts)
  14. Dan Golby

    Room rentals, any tips?

    I recently had a vacancy in my upper suite and discovered that there is huge demand for room rentals in the neighbourhood that I invest in thanks to jobs in the area. I've never given this method much consideration until now, it didn't really appeal to me because it sounded like a hassle to...
  15. Dan Golby

    Where does down payment have to be?

    So I'm starting to kick tires and look for my next rental property. Currently I have $40K in cash and $55K available on my personal residence HELOC. I have heard that in order for your HELOC to count as "cash" for down payment purposes you have to actually take it out and put the money in a...
  16. Dan Golby

    Tenant`s friend brought a dog what?

    Hi all, I have a bit of a strange situation and was wondering how others might handle it. I rent out a basement suite to a guy who has a job operating heavy equipment on an oilfield site. He is my best tenant I've had so far, he is a former home builder and former landlord himself. The...
  17. Dan Golby

    Realtor in Carstairs AB

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a realtor in Carstairs Alberta. Thanks
  18. Dan Golby

    What do I need to to build a rental property?

    I have an opportunity to buy a lot that I would like to build a duplex on. Currently there is an old duplex on it but it is pretty rough shape and basically needs to be knocked down. My question is how much capital will I need to build a rental property? I realize if I bought an existing...
  19. Dan Golby

    Renting directly to employer/company.....Any tips?

    We finally close the deal for our first rental property this coming Friday, I am very excited. It is a house with a basement suite. The rental market seems fairly good in my opinion, we already have the basement suite rented out and it isn't even completed (thanks to a referral from a fellow...
  20. Dan Golby

    Utility costs for 1150 sq ft house with basement suite

    I recently bought a brand new 1150 square foot house with a basement suite. It does not have separate metering so I will have to pay the utilities. Just wondering how much I should estimate for the cost of utilities? With the price of electricity fluctuating I think it might be a tough guess...