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  1. invst4profit

    Selling Foreign Property

    Suppose I build a vacation home in Belize rent it out and use it myself for 10 years then sell it for about twice what it cost me to build. How does the Canadian Government view the money for tax purposes and what is the best way to get it back into Canada (tax savings wise).
  2. invst4profit

    Deposit with offer to purchase

    As everyone knows when making a offer to purchase a deposit is provided to the real estate agent as a offer of good faith. For those on REIN that are agents could you explain exactly what your legal responsibilities are regarding this particular aspect of the selling/purchasing process. I am...
  3. invst4profit

    Mortgages and Insurance on Mobile Homes

    I am looking for some info on Mobile Home mortgages in preparation for a upcoming LTB hearing. What I need to know is what is the criteria for providing a mortgage (in Ontario only) on such a property. Does anyone actually do mortgages on mobiles, is there a age criteria, only if they have...
  4. invst4profit

    Ontario LL`s, offering rent rebates.

    I know that some LLs offer rent rebates for such things as paying rent on time etc and am interested in knowing if Ontario LLs are offering anything similar. What I am looking for is a way around the fact that in Ontario the RTA states there are no "fees" allowed. In particular in dealing with...
  5. invst4profit

    Major Mistakes of New Landlords

    I have been thinking of making a list of the most common mistakes new investors make when becoming Landlords. I have a few and others will hopefully add some more based on personal experiences.1) Overpaying up front. How many times have we heard Real Estate agents say "It Cash Flows".2) Not...
  6. invst4profit

    Income Splitting

    This question has come up on another site I frequent and I am curious as to how each investor attributes there rental income. My wife and I own our property 50/50. Our accountant divides the income based on the % of time each spends maintaining the property. Book keeping, banking, travel time...
  7. invst4profit

    Property expenses

    This is a fairly good discussion on another forum that gets into the topic of what new investors should consider when trying to estimate expenses on a potential investment property. Food for thought.
  8. invst4profit

    Ontario - Bad Tenants

    Unfortunately this happens all to often to landlords in Ontario.
  9. invst4profit

    Capitol Depreciation

    Does anyone not claim capitol depreciation on there income taxes for there rental properties and why? Or better yet what is your reasoning for or against claiming the deduction? I need to determine the actual advantages verses disadvantages concerning my particular situation. This is a new...
  10. invst4profit

    Rank these applicants

    Knowing in advance what each did for a living rank the following individuals that have applied to live in your single family up scale rental (upper class neighbourhood) by your first to last choice. Give your reasoning for each choice. White Collar Criminal Professional Baseball Player Wall...
  11. invst4profit

    Grow op

    I am looking at a former grow op house for a reno/flip. I know don`t do it. I have researched plenty of info on why not to do it but find limited constructive info on how to do it. I know there are tens of thousands of these buildings out there and I am certain many reno`s have been completed...
  12. invst4profit

    Mobile Home Park Insurance

    I need insurancs coverage as a condition of sale on a Mobile home Park. Does anyone know who might offer liability insurance on a small park. Unfortunatly I can not use the present company so need to find a new one.
  13. invst4profit

    Commercial Financing

    I am presently looking at moving from residential to commercial and require info on financing. I have made some inquiries with a morgage broker and am being told that for about $300,000 my rate will be anywhere from 8.5% up to 10.5% with setup fees around $6000. Does this sound about right. Can...
  14. invst4profit

    Real cash flow

    QUOTE (ThomasOMalley @ Jan 18 2008, 04:37 PM) Here is a fully rented triplex in Oshawa with great cash flow potential. If you wish to view it or require further information please feel free to contact Jennifer O'Malley directly at 905-579-0606 or by email at...
  15. invst4profit

    REIN membership

    Hi everyone. I am new here and trying to gauge the payback on my investment in membership.What I see on the surface is Training seminars, networking, JV`s, etc but what I don`t see on this public forum is a clear investment pholosphy. There is no hard hitting assesment of members investment...