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  1. brad

    Cambridge Ontario

    Could any of you Cambridge investors recommend a reliable guy/company to take care of cutting grass? Thank you. Brad
  2. brad

    Load bearing wall removal

    Hi all, My wife and I have just taken possession of our new home (new to us, built in 1971). We would like a load bearing wall on the main floor removed. I am somewhat handy, but this is beyond my capabilites. Does any one out there have experience with this type of work? If so, please get...
  3. brad

    Active listening, thank you Don!

    Hi all, I want to thank Don for covering the topic of "active listening" at the last Quickstart in Toronto. I have been making a diligent effort to work on actively listening while in conversation. It may seem like a no brainer to some, but it has made a huge difference to me. Thank...