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    Private Finance - BC

    Hi Rein Community, I am looking for Private Financing recommendations for a Chilliwack residential project. I have one sheet ready via request. Looking for about 1.6 million
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    So, I don't know if anyone on here is building multifamily in the lower mainland, fraser valley... Every time I do a price analysis on a property to build a M/F - the numbers don't work. This is no surprise, nothing new. But a month later, a M/F build starts on that site that I calculated bad...
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    Real Estate Summit : Nov5 - Satellite Offices (per the chat)

    Just an opener here... ... as per the chat about satellite offices. Hopefully you guys find this place and we can continue the ideas. For now, I will leave this short and sweet and add to it as we find it.
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    BC - Lower Mainland - 5yr HOLD and sell - Money JV

    November 01 / 2021 Hi there... I am a contractor in Abbotsford whom has done countless projects with others in Kelowna, Vancouver, Langley, Victoria, Nanaimo, Toffino, and more. I have been fortunate to be involved with builds ranging from $150k - 12.5m (+land)... so I believe I have a fluid...