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  1. David Chien

    Fix or variable

    With the current 5 yr. fix at 2.04 % vs. variable of P-0.6 (1.85%), Will it be safe to say that better to take out a 5 yrs. fix now. Love to hear your thoughts
  2. David Chien

    Mortgage Calculation

    Hello there: During one of the REIN meeting, the speaker mentioned that even if the property does not appreciate over a period of time,(which means the property value stay flat) but through the mortgage paydown, there is still a 6-7 % return on initial downpayment. Can someone enlighten me on...
  3. David Chien

    Buying challenge

    I would like to ask for some advice on this situation: Grandparent had willed their home to their 3 daughters, and one of the daughter will like to buy out the other two, so she can pass on to her children who are in their early twenties. Due to the recent mortgage qualification stress test, it...
  4. David Chien

    Property management in Lower Mainland,Vancouver

    Hello there: Looking for property managers for a couple of properties in Greater Vancouver area to replace the current ones. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance
  5. David Chien

    upload a file or link

    Hi there: How do I upload a file or link into my response to another REIN member? Thanks
  6. David Chien

    Homebuild bond

    Hi there: Any one familiar with HomeBuild bonds as an alternative R/E investment . Thanks in advance