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  1. brad

    Organize Your Wealth System

    Thanks Joe! Staying right on top of paperwork is a nemesis of mine, using a system like this has made it so much easier. For those just starting out in the real estate investment world, using a system like this is invaluable and will expedite your success.
  2. brad

    recommend a carpet cleaner in kchener

    Hey Tom, I used Haywood Carpet Cleaning (519-740-0049) in Cambridge last year and was very happy with the outcome. I budgeted for new basement carpets but decided to have them cleaned just incase they were salvageable for another year. The carpets came out very well. It is a very small 1...
  3. brad

    What % of tenants acually purchase the RTO

    I have spoken to quite a few house first investors and the # that keeps showing up is 50-50 like Mark eluded too.
  4. brad

    What Does 0.25% Mean To You And I

    Mark nailed it bang on for my situation. All available funds are being used to pay down my non-deductible principle mortage debt, resulting in an increase to my secured l.o.c. which when used for investments is deductible. Once the principle mortgage is eliminated/swapped I will focus on the...
  5. brad

    Hamilton - Cheap Lawn Landscapers for SFH?

    Derek @ Dynasty Landscaping 905-662-0111
  6. brad

    Tenant Called Fire Department

    It depends.......... If it is an accidental activation, detector in alarm, emergency, or perceived emergency, then there is no charge. If it is deemed to be malicious or your fire protection system is malfunctioning, then it COULD be billable. At the end of the day it comes down to how it is...
  7. brad

    The Ethical Investment System

    QUOTE (ThomasBeyer @ Nov 26 2009, 05:32 PM) I think it lines up well with your useful (but rather lengthy and thus too complicated) list of criteria .. but the key issue is always execution .. and many firms (including ours) have executed well over a decade .. and some firms have not .. Rather...
  8. brad

    2nd residence rules

    Just to toss my 2 cents into the ring here.......... I have heard of, and know a few individuals who have used the 2nd residence route to obtain financing with 5% down while avoiding the stiffer CMHC fees that are placed on rentals. I know a few of them who have done this with different...
  9. brad

    Quick Turn Deal

    Those #`s seem high to me. I think the 3% down payment is doable, tough, but possible. $2000/month for a town home is up there, even when factoring credits. I hope I`m wrong though!!!! Just my 2 cents. Brad Hamilton
  10. brad

    Pretty House deal

    I love this conversation, thanks guys!!!!!!!! Brad
  11. brad

    Libertas Properties Management

    Why are you doing business with these people?!?!?! Cut all ties with these clowns and find someone else to manage YOUR investments. Brad
  12. brad

    Oakville, ONT

    I live on Bronte so I may be a little biased, but I also see what is going on here every day. Between driving to and from where ever, and giving my dog crazy long walks, I know this area very well. Original owners (homes build in late 1960`s and early 1970`s) are on there way out of the area...
  13. brad

    Oakville, ONT

    Bronte is poised to explode in my opinion. The infrastructure and transportation improvements @ 3rd Line/QEW, and Bronte/QEW are HUGE. Smaller war time homes are being leveled and million dollar homes are being dropped in like no tomorrow. Bronte doesn`t have the posh of east Oakville, but...
  14. brad

    Poor Lino Install

    QUOTE (housedoc @ Sep 14 2009, 09:29 AM) If you`re that picky, then have someone there during the work. You may be able to negotiate a lower price or repair if the workmanship is clearly substandard, not just because your wife doesn`t like the lines. Take pictures. Document everything...
  15. brad

    Hamilton investors..

    Take a day and drive the city, you are wasting your time and going about it backwards. Why look for properties before you know what areas to focus on? Brad
  16. brad

    Cambridge Ontario

    Could any of you Cambridge investors recommend a reliable guy/company to take care of cutting grass? Thank you. Brad
  17. brad

    Potential Tenants

    This nut started out by lying to you. To me that is strike 1, 2 and 3. Just my 2 cents. Brad
  18. brad

    Potential Tenants

    QUOTE (EdRenkema @ Jun 9 2009, 11:04 PM) Nothing else, my feeling is there is an oversupply of available rentals in that specific sector - for now. Agreed.
  19. brad

    RBC Economic Forcast

    Looks like they expect a nice return in 2010. Check out those real GDP #` in Q3 and Q4, 2010. 3.0% and 3.1% respectively. Mind you the rest of 09 looks UGLY. Brad
  20. brad

    Combining a JV with Rent to Own

    QUOTE (jarrettvaughan @ Mar 11 2009, 10:52 AM) I have a hard time understanding why a tenant would want to get into a RTO at this time. The way I see it is that a RTO is essentially a forced savings plan, with a guaranteed purchase price. A couple years ago we all new the market was going to...