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    Looking for Barrie Realtor

    Can someone please recommend a realtor in Barrie who is also an investor? Thanks! Gillian
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    REIN buddy

    Looking for a REIN buddy. Investing in Hamilton Ontario. 313-269-5085.
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    Canadian in the US

    My situation: I'm a Canadian citizen with a green card living and working in the US. I have investment property here in the US. What tax/legal implications are there if I move back to Canada? Can anyone help me with an answer or refer me to someone that would? Much appreciated.
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    REMA Training in Toronto - May 17, 2008

    Marcel, Would you know when the next REMA training session will be held in Toronto? Thanks Gillian
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    REMA Training in Toronto - May 17, 2008

    QUOTE (MohamedMawji @ May 19 2008, 10:18 PM) Marcel, I would like to thank you for your professional presentation of the REMA software. Usually one would say that it is easy to teach a great software (a little plug for Garth and Brian), however easy the software, you did a great job walking...
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    Searching Problem

    I`ve tried searching for "incorporations for real estate" but have only received error messages. How can I access previous posts on this topic? Gillian