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  1. neill

    Trust account required on RTO option payments?

    Hi all, Has anyone else had any feedback from brokers/banks regarding option payments required to be placed in a trust account? Just heard this today from a broker. Thanks, Neill
  2. neill

    Possible lead in Winnipeg

    Hi, does anyone do quick turn in Winnepeg? Might have a lead on a house to buy there with terms. Email me for details.
  3. neill

    Is it a perfect world? Disconnects with RTO tenants pending...

    Hi all, just wanted to share our recent experience: we have been working with RTO for almost three years, and counted ourselves fortunate enough to have never had a disconnect - until now... We have had three clients that for various and sundry reasons are all electing in a two week period...
  4. neill

    Bi-weekly rent/option payments?

    Hi all - we are working with a client that gets paid every two weeks, and he is on a reasonably tight budget. Can anyone comment on (assuming the lease/option contracts are worded correctly) the pros/cons (or if even possible) to collect rent/option every two weeks to align with his pay-cheque...
  5. neill

    RLG Masters Program - how many here?

    Lynda and I attended Tony Peters session in Calgary over the weekend and we were fortunate to meet several other Masters Program participants. Good sharing over the breaks/lunches and glad to have met you all... There were some frank discussions on perceived value received so far - for Lynda...
  6. neill

    Canada Post

    Hi all - thought I would share our research with Canada Post to date: 1) We are having our stamps put on by the folks that are producing our yellow letters for us in the States. You can buy the stamps over the phone and have them shipped directly. In order to do this, call 1-800-565-4362...
  7. neill

    Owner finance ad on Kijiji

    Hi all - just posted this ad on Kijiji and would love to hear your feedback: Thanks! Neill
  8. neill

    Alberta Royalty Review - Globe Mail article

    Read this article in today`s Globe and Mail (Sat Nov 10). Had to dig all over their website to get the electronic version..... a good news story buried - imagine that!!