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  1. Tina Myrvang

    How do I get a Payslip/Pay Stub??

    You replied to a spam post. If you want your Payslip or Paystub you get it from your Employer.
  2. Tina Myrvang

    What Makes A Good Real Estate Online Course? Seeking Your Input

    Real Estate Investing in Canada: 78 hours of step by step instructions on the proven system used by REIN Members. It can be used anywhere in the world that has a stable government and ecomony.
  3. Tina Myrvang

    Buying a property in Saskatoon - good idea?

    100 Year Old House – What to look for: Toronto is an old city so of course, it has a lot of really old houses. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to find houses here that are over 100 years old. When you’re thinking about buying a house that old, there’s a lot of things that made sense or were the norm...
  4. Tina Myrvang

    REIN Coaching and Mentorship Meeting East - February 10, 2022

    I would love to, please call me.
  5. Tina Myrvang

    Trampolines on rental property

    My pleasure, sometime it helps to have someone that has no connection to help answer.
  6. Tina Myrvang

    Trampolines on rental property

    Then they need to ad it to their insurance. Either way check with your insurance broker. That is what I would do. This question has been asked about above ground pools as well.
  7. Tina Myrvang

    Trampolines on rental property

    Check your insurance policy. I'm sure there is liability there. More than 1 million people went to emergency departments for trampoline-related injuries between 2002 and 2011, with nearly 300,000 of those injuries involving broken bones, according to a new study. And these injuries don’t come...
  8. Tina Myrvang

    Property Manager in Fraser Valley

    My pleasure, I live in Mission!!!
  9. Tina Myrvang

    Property Manager in Fraser Valley

    Real Property Management URL: Carla Browne - They are trusted partners of REIN and have offices all over Canada.
  10. Tina Myrvang

    Looking for a Property Manager in St. Catharines

    We recommend Real Property Management. They have offices across Canada.
  11. Tina Myrvang

    Home or mortgage loan while having bad credit score

    Have you considered using private money? You can repair you credit rating in a few months. Understanding your credit rating is very important as well: There are five components that make up your credit score 1. Payment history: 35 per cent “The biggest component in delivering a score is the...
  12. Tina Myrvang

    Nesto and True North Advice?

    Also when refinancing with a different lender, you will need to pay lawyer fees etc. Make sure the savings will add up.
  13. Tina Myrvang

    Capital gains exemption?

    Please reach out to your accountant to clarify.
  14. Tina Myrvang

    Need a place to vent about my cheap tenants

    Wow, sorry to hear this. Vent here anytime. We have a system we use called Cheque for Keys, offering them money to move voluntarily. Since they are moving, you won't need to throw more money at them. Move on that is the best thing to do and I love your energy. Don't let them win by bringing you...
  15. Tina Myrvang

    The Canadian Real Estate Outlook Summit - 2022 and Beyond

    Super excited to have you join us Cory!!!!!!
  16. Tina Myrvang

    Classifieds section

    You have to become a REIN member to post in our Classified Ads Section.
  17. Tina Myrvang

    You need to make this a post, not your me if you need help.

    You need to make this a post, not your me if you need help.
  18. Tina Myrvang

    REIN Coaching and Mentorship Meeting West - February 9, 2022

    Here's the agenda for the February 9, 2022 Coaching and Mentorship Meeting West
  19. Tina Myrvang

    Real Estate Summit : Nov5 - Satellite Offices (per the chat)

    You got me there!!! We do have our own needs, own your need!