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  1. rjak

    How best to sell property to tenant

    We have a single family home in Calgary that tenant is interested in buying when present mortgage comes up for renewal in March 2012. Present cash flow is positive $75-$100 month with rent of $1800. Mortgage PIT $1683 Value of house about $410000-$420000 mortgage balance about $348000. What...
  2. rjak

    Pretty House deal

    QUOTE (EdRenkema @ Oct 23 2009, 09:57 AM) Congratulations! As RLG would say - Heart Rate Increase! In my inexperienced opinion I would stay away from an `option` as it could create a stressful objection from seller, `Agreement for Sale` all the way especially if seller agrees to bring payments...
  3. rjak

    Pretty House deal

    I have a possible "pretty house" deal that I would like comments on. The property ARV is $420,000 but the seller is willing to sell to me for what is owed $365,000. He is 1 month behind in payments but could bring current. His company declared bankruptcy and he had personally guaranteed debt...
  4. rjak

    Welcome Basket

    QUOTE (gottatango @ Apr 16 2008, 03:52 PM) Hi there, Can someone point me to the "little helpers - welcome baskets"? We are getting a first tenant and would like to start off right. If there is an email or phone number, that would be great. Thanks, Adrian Hi Adrian, I am the "Little...
  5. rjak

    Mice Attack!

    QUOTE (sam @ Nov 27 2007, 11:15 AM) Hi ! I had that problem before .It was very simple to get rid of them. I purchased an electric sound machine at Home Depot , It cost about $20. The first month my tenant still saw them, but after the second month all have gone . It won`t effect to human...
  6. rjak

    Mice Attack!

    Just been informed of a mice infestation at our 4 plex in Calgary. All the tenants have pets. Question, what is the best or recommended way to get rid of the mice?