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  1. bb2

    Concrete Cutter in Edmonton

    Does anyone know of a concrete cutter for basement windows in Edmonton?
  2. bb2

    My Quest into Rent to Own

    I would like to share my rent to own experience since taking the Rapid Cash Program in Toronto in February. First of all I want to say thanks to everyone involved, as I learned a lot and it was well worth the time and financial investment. Since coming back to Edmonton I was very enthusiastic...
  3. bb2

    Lawyer needed in Edmonton for Rent-to-Own

    Can anyone recommend a lawyer familiar with Rent-to-Own. I need a referral for a tenant buyer. I am using Barry McQuire myself. Thanks Brenda
  4. bb2

    garage rental

    I recently had a problem with a tenant that I rented the garage to using a separate agreement. I was having problems with him paying the rent on time and only giving partial rent. I had other issues with him also. I went through the process of eviction and ended up having to use the Residential...