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  1. Harjit

    Winning the paper war

    Thanks Tina
  2. Harjit

    Your skin is not coming up.

    Thanks Alvaro, We were having some login issues with our custom theme, and we are investigating what the problem is. In the meantime we have set a new theme that will allow all users to login without any issues. Thanks, Harjit
  3. Harjit

    Not getting emails from Forums

    Ok This issue should be fixed now, if anyone still not receiving emails, please email [email protected] reincanada.com. The most common cause of a person who is watching the thread has not visited the thread and read the latest posts, or marked it as read since receiving an email notification. There...
  4. Harjit

    User name

    This has been done. Also note you are able to Edit you profile by going to: http://myreinspace.com/account/personal-details After you are logged in.
  5. Harjit

    Favourites - can one see all of their favourites?

    Hi, On the forum, the favourite option, has been replaced with Watch Forum option. You can either watch the whole forum section, or watch an individual thread. Click Here to learn about how to Watch Forums. After you are watching particular forum threads - You can view ones you are...
  6. Harjit

    Access Denied

    This has been fixed. Thank you.
  7. Harjit

    iPad supported

    PM Sent, Thanks for helping test!
  8. Harjit

    iPad supported

    The flickering should now be fixed, we will only show a different banner on page load. No More rotating banners. Thank you for your patience to get this issue fixed.
  9. Harjit

    iPad supported

    I Pm'd you Kfort with the App instructions, also we will have the banners flickering fixed this week.
  10. Harjit

    iPad supported

    Sorry you are having trouble with myreinspace on the ipad. We are looking into the banner bounce issue, and we hope to have it resolved soon. In the meantime, we are developing an myREINspace App for Apple and Andorid, Would you be interested in trying it out? Your feedback will help shape...
  11. Harjit

    sort order on a post?

    Alvaro, the Current forum does not have this option to be turned on or off. However you make get to the last post by clicking on the timestamp.
  12. Harjit

    sort order on a post?

    Currently a User is only able to sort posts on the Thread level, by clicking the Last Message Arrow, however there is a option to go to the first unread post of a topic by clicking the Go to First Unread located underneath the title:
  13. Harjit

    Introducing the new myREINspace

    After six months of hard work behind the scenes, we’re excited to FINALLY unveil the new and improved myREINspace.com. You’ll notice quite a bit has changed in the new forum. There are too many new features to list here (you can always ask!) but the noteworthy highlights include: · One...
  14. Harjit

    TDS Blues

    Cool insights oops you are asking for sometgubg
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