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  1. Cory Sperle

    Exclusive Webinar Invite TONIGHT - Investing by design

    YOU’RE INVITED! Join us for our Free Live Webinar: “Investing by Design: Tech, Social Media and Creating the Life You Want” on September 25, 2023! If you are: Ready to take control of your financial future and build financial freedom Not sure how to build your brand or utilize technology...
  2. Cory Sperle

    The inspiration you need to optimize your portfolio in this market!

    Do you ever feel like the real estate market shifts so rapidly that it’s difficult to pinpoint your next investment step? Do you want to expand your portfolio and make more income but are afraid of making the wrong move? Wouldn’t it be great to hear from seasoned investors who’ve been...
  3. Cory Sperle

    Hot inflation 'blew the doors off; in July..

    Hello investors On Tuesday, the wizards over at Statistics Canada announced Canada's annual inflation rate rose to 3.3% in July, up from 2.8% in June. CIBC senior economist Katherine Judge indicated that the Bank of Canada will raise it's key lending rate by 25 bps in September, the 11th...
  4. Cory Sperle

    The future of real estate investing in Canada?

    Greetings all! In response to the unprecedented changes in Canadian real estate, and the bank of Canada's relentless rate hike campaign, we are once again hosting the 2nd annual Real Estate Resilience Summit! Check out the event below, and early bird offer ending soon. Should you buy now or...
  5. Cory Sperle

    Maximize Profitability with Multifamily Investments - Tomorrow 7pm MST!

    Tomorrow, June 28th at 7pm MST - Register for the Moguls event in west Edmonton where I will share my top TIPS in today's market. Register for the LIVE event HERE. If you can't make it, Moguls is also broadcasting LIVE on zoom HERE
  6. Cory Sperle

    Exclusive Alberta Multifamily Update Webinar Thursday May 25th 8pm ET

    Exclusive Alberta Multifamily Update Webinar is Thursday 8pm ET! registration is nearly full, so punch your seat now: - Get the inside track on the deals we are buying and why. - How you can get involved in our latest offering. - We will talk all about maintenance deficits and more! - Where is...
  7. Cory Sperle

    CMHC MLI program

    If you intent do use CMHC for mixed use you are limited to 30% of the square footage and/or income or less for the commercial portion in order to qualify.
  8. Cory Sperle

    7 TOP tips to get into multifamily investing

    Download my 7 Top free tips for investing in multifamily assets in 2023. Get the 7 Tips for Multifamily HERE
  9. Cory Sperle

    Own your own Apartment Building in 2023!

    Learn how to invest in apartment buildings with my 6 Pillars of Multifamily Accelerated Mentorship self study program - for the busy professional, all the benefits and at your own pace! * 6 action packed pillars - Over 34 Modules. * Over 50 videos and 20+ hours of recorded training! * 9...
  10. Cory Sperle

    Real Estate Resilience Summit in 5 days!

    3 Full days of Real Estate Mastery Beings Friday, October 14th. What is it all about? Click the link to find out: The Real Estate Resilience Summit What can you expect from this awesome event? Click HERE to find out!
  11. Cory Sperle

    the 2022 Real Estate Resilience Summit

    We are so excited about the Real Estate Resilience Online Summit! We want to share more about the first day of our Summit. Friday’s theme is Preserving Wealth in Challenging Times. Join the Summit HERE - Free Gift Just for Visiting! We’re kicking off this summit with the incomparable Erwin...
  12. Cory Sperle

    How are the Pro's Responding to the current market?

    On Wednesday, September 21, at 7:30 pm ET, 4:30 pm PST, I’ll be joined by Elizabeth Kelly to talk about what Canadian real estate powerhouses are doing to protect and even grow their wealth in this tumultuous market. You won’t want to miss the great info Elizabeth and I will share! Plus, we...
  13. Cory Sperle

    Looking for commercial mortgage brokers

    I would also try Damir at First National as well for a loan opinion.
  14. Cory Sperle

    refinance now or later?

    Renew or refinance? I think your biggest concern is the loan you will get if you go the refinance route. Variable rates will most certainly be higher in November. If you are happy with the terms you are able to get today I would not wait until November.
  15. Cory Sperle

    GTA dips vs Vancouver Dips

    Even if fixed rates have peaked, and most certainly variable rates will likely rise another 200bps a possibility, those that had rate locks are most likely still looking but as those expire its becoming much tougher to qualify for even entry level real estate in most parts of the country for the...
  16. Cory Sperle

    Myths and Facts to Apartment Building Investing

    Buying your first apartment building can be challenging, but the good news is that anyone can do it, even if it is your first real estate investment. In fact, I have a good friend who bought her first two real estate deals, and they were both apartment blocks! Join me on June 16th at 8pm EST...
  17. Cory Sperle

    What does Multifamily Due Diligence Mean to you?

    Due Diligence when buying an apartment building. What is it? It has taken me 22 years to figure this out. It is about protecting, and validating your investment decision. Did you know? There are several things you MUST know before the offer? What conditions to have in your offer? What...
  18. Cory Sperle

    7 Tips of Multifamily Investing Webinar Today! 8pm EST 5pm PST

    In case you missed it, the replay is available on YouTube: 7 Tips Webinar Replay
  19. Cory Sperle

    7 Tips of Multifamily Investing Webinar Today! 8pm EST 5pm PST

    Catch my 7 Free Tips of Multifamily Webinar today! 8pm EST 5pm PST Click the link to Register and receive my Apartment Building Upside Formula Calculator. A MUST have tool for analyzing multifamily deals! Learn how I purchased 10 apartment buildings in 10 years worth over $25,000,000 mostly...
  20. Cory Sperle

    CMHC small town multi-family gold

    I would also agree to avoid BC at this time. The prairies provides the best returns and lowest prices right now.
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