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  1. ryanlake

    Low Investment $60,000 + High Cash Flow $800 Buy n Hold or BRRR

    Hey Investors! Whether you are struggling to find local cash flowing deals or perhaps you are looking for the next BRRRR project, it's worth looking into this hidden GEM in a market you've never heard of. Summary: BRRRR purchase in Esterhazy SK : $285,000 (appraised $315,000) private sale Duplex...
  2. ryanlake

    My Best, Most Creative Deal Yet!

    Thank you Donna!
  3. ryanlake

    My Best, Most Creative Deal Yet!

    I struggled for a long time watching people buy houses, attract money partners, buy multiple doors in a year while it felt like I was stuck on the sidelines. I never gave up, however. I believe in real estate and I know my numbers. I am from Esterhazy SK and now live in Edmonton AB. I was doing...
  4. ryanlake

    Think twice before investing in the Okanagan

    Whats ALR Thomas? Sent from my SM-G930W8 using myREINspace mobile app
  5. ryanlake

    Eviction proceedinga

    I thought i could squeeze a year without a property manager in Regina before selling. But, it looks as though i was mistaken. I need a power of attorney before enforcing form 9 for an order of possession. Any recommendations or volunteers? I dont live in Regina so i will need representation...
  6. ryanlake

    Where would you put 100k for best cash flow?

    These are private mortgages, hence no overhead to answer your question Matt Crowley. I have invested in MICs as well and would be happy with 9%. Although the last MIC went 15% in year one due to an anomaly in fort mac transaction then 7.8%. Thomas i love your wisdom and also invested my LIRA...
  7. ryanlake

    Where would you put 100k for best cash flow?

    Just trying to bounce ideas off some brainy heads. I plan on selling my 2 single families in Regina next year. Im banking on a modest 100k returned to me. My original thought was to turn that into a 4-plex in Edmonton for 650k with 135k down (ill save up for the rest or use RRSPs). I figure i...
  8. ryanlake

    What would be a good investment for 400,000

    You can also split your investments between financing second mortgages. Currently i am getting 18% on $30,000. Higher ROI on smaller loans. 12% minimum i would settle for. A company in ontario continuously offers apprix 14% on larger investments above 50k wiyh community trust. I also haf good...
  9. ryanlake

    AFS Q's

    I was reading the REIN blog on AFS agreements and the potential uses for them. Essentially, they would be more likely benefit the investor if there is already a plan in place for said property, such as an RTO agreement, or wholesaling the property that is now currently under contract. I am...
  10. ryanlake

    Mastery - My Top 10

    Tarah, I see this was written in 2013, how has the progression and self realization coming? Powerful stuff for sure that was presented! Perhaps a phone chat is in order!
  11. ryanlake

    Tips on selling two tenanted properties in Regina

    I currently have 2 properties in Regina as mentioned, They are both in the desirable but aged General Hospital area. The one I am sure I will not have too much problems selling for the right price-just need tips on the selling process itself on that one. The issue is I am currently residing in...
  12. ryanlake

    RTO spreadsheet

    I was wondering if anyone has access to an excel spread sheet for an RTO deal! I tried to download mark Loeffler's document but it said the file was corrupted. If anyone could help me out i would appreciate it!!
  13. ryanlake

    RTO lease rate question...

    I was wondering where I could get a spread sheet from exactly. Just working with some numbers right now and would love a spread sheet to play around with. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  14. ryanlake

    Preparing for my first JV partner

    I have a friend interested in "talking shop" in the next couple months about investing and want to ensure that I have everything i place and make it a professional experience for him. I currently have three properties of my own, looking at another single family home in Edmonton to purchase...
  15. ryanlake

    vertical crack in foundation wall-need advice!

    I have a property in Regina SK that has a vertical crack near the middle of the basement. Tenant explained to me that it tends to leak when there is heavy rain (water marks were noted). The crack is not that big yet, but since it is leaking water that scares me a little bit. I know water is a...
  16. ryanlake

    what is the low down on cap rates?

    I know what the term cap rate retains to= NOI/ purchase price, which is the "cash flow zone" method that REIN uses. But different style properties seem to demand a different standard of these rates, as well as different areas. Can someone shed some light on this and what is essential to know...
  17. ryanlake

    Looking for bunk mate for Calgary trip!

    Headed to the Calgary field trip on the 24th of August-25th for the capital meeting as well. Rooms at the Marriott are $150 a night. Looki g for somebody to share a room with, connect with, split the costs. Call Ryan @ 780-803-7270 if Interested!
  18. ryanlake

    Need some solid contractors on my team!

    Hello everyone. I live in Edmonton and the only thing I do not have on my team yet is some solid contractors who are reliable, have an awesome track record for speed and accuracy, and a fair price. Have never gone through reno's before but I am positive I will need to eventually. Thanks...
  19. ryanlake

    JV confusion

    Is that same presentation coming this way to Alberta anytime soon?
  20. ryanlake

    JV confusion

    I am currently trying to market to my friend back in Esterhazy SK, (which is in boom time right now with the new potash expansion) he owns a couple properties with crazy cash flow (5 bd house renting full capacity @ $800/room!). I asked if he wanted to diversify his portfolio into a different...
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