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  1. DonCampbell

    NDP Speculation Tax

    Hey BC Friends (especially long-term home owners): Later this week, 1.6 million homeowners in Abbotsford, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Greater Vancouver, Victoria and other communities targeted by the NDP speculation tax will get a letter they should not ignore or discard. The contents, flagged “declare...
  2. DonCampbell

    Refinance or put your own money down.

    Given your situation (and learning curve): You may find this article helpful as well: Sell or Refinance? The Agony and the Ecstasy http://blog.reincanada.com/sell-or-refinance-the-agony-and-the-ecstasy
  3. DonCampbell

    The BEST way to INSULATE your basement apartment!

    Thank you for sharing this. I find that many people don't truly understand their options and this helps to open their eyes.
  4. DonCampbell

    The Real Estate Cycle is Changing and So Must your Tactics

    The price of land in GTA has become un-reachable for high percentage of buyers, therefore demand has shifted to the condo market. This has pushed the inventory of current condos down to near-term record lows thus protecting prices. A strategic investor should be watching where the next transit...
  5. DonCampbell

    Vancouver Housing Market Dialogue Continues

    If you are interested in the dynamic that is in play in the Greater Vancouver market, I have been asked to provide a more 'balanced' approach to the discussion. In this post (at links below) check out a couple of more recent radio appearance in which I speak to this important issue as well as a...
  6. DonCampbell

    Optimal paint for rental units

    Works in my condos, townhomes and SFH's. Hmmmm $100/yr to gain $600 and to stand out in the market place (and have lower turnover.... I'm Ok with that.
  7. DonCampbell

    Optimal paint for rental units

    Just to add to the discussion. Easy to get $50/month with a contrasting colour feature wall. I know you believe it is a hassle, but it has been proven in my portfolio over and over.
  8. DonCampbell

    The Real Estate Cycle is Changing and So Must your Tactics

    Whether Quick-Turn or Long-Term: Real Estate Always Travels In Cycles Right now, at the beginning of 2016, the Canadian real estate cycle is shifting. In some regions the cycle is improving, in other regions it is deteriorating quite rapidly. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last...
  9. DonCampbell

    Calgary ACRE is No Longer - But even better is....

    Right now the Summit of Solutions is just that... solutions not to "Whether to buy or not" but solutions for those in the market - stabilizing their portfolios. Then, and only then, look for market buys. No one ever nails the bottom, or the top. But right now the leadership must come for...
  10. DonCampbell

    Are You Playing Musical Chairs, But Just Don't Know It?

    There is an important game that plays out in the North American real estate markets. Some call it the real estate cycle, some call it the economic cycle, well I like to equate it to the game "Musical Chairs." Sadly, however, most people in the real estate investing world don't even know they...
  11. DonCampbell

    Digging in Deep for the Coming "Summit of Solutions" real estate Conference March 4-6th

    Digging in Deep for the Coming "Summit of Solutions" real estate Conference March 4-6th
  12. DonCampbell

    Calgary ACRE is No Longer - But even better is....

    Time for true leadership. Time for Members and their guests to get REAL... Time for Tactic adjustments As many know, people in Alberta and Saskatchewan are suffering. Their economy has stagnated yet many are shrugging and some are even rejoicing in this western pain (a very sad and pathetic...
  13. DonCampbell

    The ONE Habit That Will Make a Massive Difference in 2016

    In 2016 there is a habit I URGE you to adopt. It is not one of those usual ‘New Years Resolutions’ it is a habit that I have been using for decades to help me see the world a little differently and through it seize opportunities when they arise. This habit has become increasingly more important...
  14. DonCampbell

    Retiring at 40 Years of Age

    An inspiring story of patience, focus, empathy and action. THANK YOU for being that quiet leader on so many levels. I am really looking forward to seeing what the next phase looks like for you See you again soon Don .
  15. DonCampbell

    On the blog: Now Is The Time To Deploy These Essential Investor Habits

    This pragmatic approach is what I believe every Strategic Investor must adopt. D
  16. DonCampbell

    Missed Opportunity?

    Agreed! Use the tools/form available that have been developed for exact situations such as this and with the proper wording and the proper background checks you stay in control. D
  17. DonCampbell

    Insurance company in ontario

    Hi, I have heard a lot of great things from Ontario Members about the quality of the coverage and service they have received from Park in BC as well. D
  18. DonCampbell

    REIN in the news

    Such a special event - making a difference, having fun (yes, there was dancing) and bonding as a community. Very cool!
  19. DonCampbell

    GlobalTV Segment on Vancouver Housing Market

    Here is last night's short segment that I did on Global TV News regarding the Vancouver real estate market reality. Because it was a short edited segment, you will get to hear ALL of the research this weekend at the REIN ACRE Conference at the Hard Rock Theatre. LOTS of exciting (and some...
  20. DonCampbell

    New MasterClass Sessions Added to This weekend's ACRE

    It is clear that the REIN ACRE Conference in BC this coming weekend is going to be a great one. It's ACRE Week when a flurry of finalizing of research occurs, the honing of the analysis and prep for an amazing experience for everyone in attendance. This is especially true for veteran REIN...
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