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  1. aaronmoore

    Cheap Property in the Countryside

    Who wants a cheap property in the countryside? You get a house on a big lot and you're surrounded by farmers fields. Where else can you find a deal like this? SUMMARY: - LOCATION: Perth, ON (A few minutes north of Perth) - PURCHASE PRICE: $159,900 Or Best Offer - AFTER REPAIR VALUE: It's hard...
  2. aaronmoore

    Fixer Upper: 1 3/4 Storey House on 1/2 Acre for $195,000

    You don't find much these days for under $200k. But here's a good sized house on 1/2 an acre for under $200k. And it's a short drive to Ottawa... an easy commute. SUMMARY: - LOCATION: Clarence Creek (Outside of Ottawa - 25 min from Orléans) - PURCHASE PRICE: $195,000 Or Best Offer - AFTER...
  3. aaronmoore

    Over $100k Discount - Light Fixer Upper - Lowest Price in Years!

    Who wants to buy at a big discount? You get a premium sized 4 bedroom home on a premium lot at a lower price than any similar home has sold for in years. Here's a fix and flip with an easy reno. Or it's a great opportunity to buy a home, reno and refinance. But its a fast closing, so you need...
  4. aaronmoore

    Wholesale Townhouse: Nice Single Family or Student Rental

    What can you do with this discounted townhouse? 1) This can be an easy to manage single family rental. 2) Student rental - currently has 7 bedrooms. Owner is living there and rents rooms. Some rooms have been "hacked" into bedrooms. 3) Single Family Home - The house is in good condition and you...