multi family investment

  1. freshcoast

    Limited Partners Welcome - 101 Furnished Residential units with 2500/sqft of commercial space

    Greetings, The Alberta climate is improving and has created some opportunities. My team and I are excited to present the South Banks Developments Limited Partnership. Our experienced group will be developing, managing and refinancing this project so you can enjoy an above average return...
  2. P Toffolo

    Triplex in Sandy Hill

    Hi Everyone, We have an offer in for a Triplex in Sandy Hill (Ottawa) . We are estimating a 44% ROI in year 1 post renos and pre Refi. If anyone is interested in this deal, please DM me
  3. CorySperle

    Exceptional Investment Opportunity - 62 Unit Apartment Building in Red Deer

    We have had a busy year buying in Alberta this year. Vacancies are going down and rents are rising, despite the recovering economy. We have purchased a total of 68 suites in Spruce Grove in Red Deer, and have just secured another amazing deal in Red Deer. This will be our 10th apartment...
  4. RandyBett

    Red Deer 12 Unit Apartment Buildings for Sale

    Looking for a smaller multi-family apartment building(s) as an investment? And you're avoiding the markets where the price per door exceeds $125,000-$150,000++ per door? Plus the buildings need to be mainly (or all) 2 bedroom units? Well you've checked out the right thread. Tyne Gardiner of...