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  1. aaronmoore

    Big Discount on Condo Townhouse in Scarborough

    This is an easy flip. It's a well maintained home and its a condo, so there isn’t any exterior work to do. Realtors, do you have any buyers that want to buy at a discount? We cooperate with realtors. This is a great opportunity for someone to buy a home with equity. A buyer can move in now and...
  2. aaronmoore

    Cheap Detached House on Big Lot with Double Garage

    Who wants a low-priced house? It has flip potential and rental potential. You just can't find decent detached houses in this price range any more. SUMMARY: - LOCATION: Niagara Falls (Drummond Rd and Hwy 420) - PURCHASE PRICE: $359,900 Or Best Offer - AFTER REPAIR VALUE: $450,000 - CLOSING...