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  1. aaronmoore

    Big Discount on Newer Condo Townhouse

    This is a newer condo townhouse that you get to buy at a low price. It's in pretty good shape too! You're probably wondering why you get to buy it at such a big discount. That's because you're buying it with problem tenants who haven't paid rent in a while and aren't allowing showings. You need...
  2. aaronmoore

    ATTENTION FLIPPERS: This Condo Townhouse Is A Great Spring Flip

    Who's looking for a great fix & flip opportunity? This one is in a hot area in Downtown Toronto. Townhouses are in high demand right now. And condos are easier reno projects since there isn’t much exterior work to do. This one is a winner! SUMMARY: - LOCATION: King St W & Shaw St (Downtown...
  3. aaronmoore

    Who wants a flip opportunity to start 2021 on the right foot?

    Here's a big discount on a house in great condition. It's in Bayview Village in Toronto which is a sought after area. This is an easy flip. It doesn't need much renos and its a condo, so there isn't much exterior work to do. Realtors, do you have any buyers that want to buy at a discount? Just...
  4. aaronmoore

    Wholesale Property: Big Discount on Easy Fixer Upper in Oakville

    Who wants to buy at a big discount in Oakville? And for a low price. What else can you find in Oakville for this price? This is a fix and flip with an easy reno. Or it’s a great opportunity to buy a home, reno and refinance. Or hold it as a rental. It's great to have options! SUMMARY: -...
  5. aaronmoore

    ATTENTION FIX & FLIPPERS: $140,000 Discount on Fixer Upper in Hot Area

    Who’s looking for an opportunity? Here’s a profitable fix & flip. Some of you might like it as a single-family rental so you can pay lower taxes on all your built-in equity. Buy for $539k, reno and sell for $680k. You have a $140k spread. Realtors, here’s your opportunity to make a 3%...
  6. aaronmoore

    Wholesale Townhouse: Nice Single Family or Student Rental

    What can you do with this discounted townhouse? 1) This can be an easy to manage single family rental. 2) Student rental - currently has 7 bedrooms. Owner is living there and rents rooms. Some rooms have been "hacked" into bedrooms. 3) Single Family Home - The house is in good condition and you...