Cash Flowing Properties For Sale - UPDATE!


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Hey Everyone,

An update to our previous thread, we are excited to say that the property in McCauley described below has gone pending to another long time REIN investor! It was really great to receive so much positive feedback on the quality of the property, it's condition, and the great tenants we have in place there. While we'll be sad to see it go, it's exciting to take this step towards our next big project and will be good to see the property passed on to an appreciative buyer!

We still have one property left to part with and while it's a little bit more money to get into, I think it actually shows even better as it's total renovation was completed very recently to a high standard, has a brand new garage rented out for additional income, and actually shows better cash flow and rates of return! All of the boxes are checked on this fully leased and turnkey asset in a neighbourhood on the rise, so drop us a line for a comprehensive information package.


A new business venture for us is offering a new path forward to our Belize! Like most new ventures however we need capital so must part with a couple of the best assets in our portfolio.

Though not the best time to sell given the current market cycle, it presents an amazing opportunity for a buy-and-hold investor to pick up a property or two that are fully built out and fully leased by long time REIN members. Both properties were purpose built for ease of management and to attract/retain great tenants. No speculation is required as we have the histories to show all operating numbers and near zero vacancy rates! Most importantly perhaps, at today's prices, both show incredible returns and cash flow numbers right out of the gate!

Right up front, though we know all about AFS deals and have done them before as vendors, on these particular properties and due to our needs we cannot consider any deal other than a conventional purchase. Once these two are gone and we can move forward with our new venture, we will be keeping the majority of our real estate in Edmonton and will have a couple left that we will consider AFS deals with someone we know. So if you'd love an AFS deal down the road a bit...

Both properties are Legally Suited, Raised Bungalows and check all of your investor boxes. One is in McCauley and the other is in Alberta Avenue. I know McCauley is not in vogue currently, but in all honesty that comes and goes over the course of time and we have never had any trouble there with crime, neighbours, or finding good tenants that we enjoy having. The house is still priced accordingly for the neighbourhood so all the more benefit for a buyer today!

For an information package including detailed descriptions, financials, and a bunch of pictures, please email at or call Diana at 780-902-7548 to discuss.

Have a great day and stay safe!

Tyler and Diana Wolfe