Cheap Property in the Countryside


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Who wants a cheap property in the countryside? You get a house on a big lot and you're surrounded by farmers fields. Where else can you find a deal like this?

- LOCATION: Perth, ON (A few minutes north of Perth)
- PURCHASE PRICE: $159,900 Or Best Offer
- AFTER REPAIR VALUE: It's hard to compare this one, but you can't get much under $300k.
- CLOSING: July 28, 2021 (This is an assignment sale.)
- TYPE: Detached Bungalow
- BEDS/BATHS: 3 Bed/1 Bath
- PARKING: You have lots of land to park whatever you want!
- BASEMENT: Unfinished. High enough to stand up. Approx 6' high.
- SQFT: 1297
- LOT: 230' Frontage x 150' Depth (0.79 Acres) With this frontage maybe you can sever.
- AGE: 1974

- Cosmetic updates throughout.
- Needs windows.
- Needs a new roof.
- Some junk and furniture removal.
- Please view the pictures and videos for ideas on what you'd like to renovate.

NOTE: We're told this house is made up of two parts. A trailer put on an old foundation and a newer addition. We just don't want you to expect the highest level of construction.

- Surrounded by farmer fields.
- The big lot.
- The low price!

PICTURES are here: