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At REIN, we are committed to delivering you the most relevant and timely real estate investing knowledge possible. This is our commitment for the upcoming ACRE Program. Now there will be no more guessing, no more hoping, no more wondering if you’re missing out (or making a mistake) and — most importantly — NO MORE FEAR!


We’ve boiled it down to the bare-bones basics of successful, long-term, sustainable wealth creation. No fluff, no filler, no sales pitches. Sure, we’ve all heard the hyped-up promises of some courses, seminars, and speakers — where they leave you with some good ideas but no clear, step-by-step game plan or any hands-on training. That’s simply not the case with the ACRE (Authentic Canadian Real Estate) system. This will be a coming together of experts, analysts, industry leaders, business owners and veteran investors who all live, work, and invest in Calgary.

ACRE Program graduates are action takers – not dreamers! Previous ACRE graduates have been so empowered by their ACRE experience they have purchased over five billion dollars of quality investment real estate. At the weekend event, we will offer you strategies to achieve success based on where you are in the real estate cycle, how to identify the opportunities in a hot market, and creative solutions to the problems that inevitably arise when investing in a competitive environment.

The 4 Types of Knowledge You Need to Seize Control of Your Financial Future
1. Unbiased Economic insight;
2. Education based on proven real estate investing principles and strategies;
3. Guidance from Expert Investors who have been there, done that;
4. Insider information so you can spot market trends that are “hidden” from everyone else.

Sure, we’ve all heard the hyped-up promises of some courses, seminars, and speakers — where they leave you with some good ideas but no CLEAR STEP-BY-STEP game plan or any HANDS-ON TRAINING.

We are always asked “Does this work in my province?” Because the frustrating truth is that a lot of these so-called experts come from south of the border — they have NO IDEA about our laws and Canadian-specific strategies. As a result, we’ve discovered that as many as 91% of graduates from those ‘other’ programs will never take another step – except, perhaps, to buy the next level of training or program!

That’s simply not the case with our grads. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced investor or just getting started in the Canadian real estate game. ACRE will help make your dream a reality. Real-Life Participants, Real-Life Results. The ACRE Program is your quick-start guide to investing in income-producing real estate. It has been over 25 years in the making, honed, perfected and crystallized over time — so that you can be certain to create maximum wealth in minimum time…while minimizing the risks in all market conditions. These are comprehensive, step-by-step strategies… all of which I continue to use on a daily basis to manage my own personal multi-million dollar net worth.

But can everyday Canadians really expect to achieve the same results? If this small sampling of the literally thousands of comments we’ve received in response to the ACRE

1. Proven, Long-Term Investment Strategies for Canadian Real Estate
  • When it comes to finding a favorable market for their dollars, investors all over the world are parking their money in Canada. When it comes to high-yield, low-risk investment opportunities in Canada, nothing beats real estate. And when it comes to teaching proven, hype-free, integrity-laced strategies for real estate investing in Canada, no program even comes close to the step-by-step, actionable instruction offered by ACRE.
2. When & How To Buy For Maximum Profits
  • Sure, location is important, but TIMING the economic development of an area is critical. Successful real estate investors know exactly when in the cycle to buy and when to sell. We’ll teach you how to spot hidden trends that others miss…and provide you insider information on what’s going on around the country with our Canada-specific market research.
3. The 9 Analysis Questions You MUST ask Before Buying Any Property
  • What good are all the answers in the world if you’ve asked the wrong questions? 20+ years of experience go into this presentation that will teach you the information you really need to know… and what’s just filler fluff. Keep this resource at your side and you’ll have the edge in any real estate market!
4. The Positive Cash Flow Property Ladder
  • Sophisticated investors have been quietly using this proven system to reduce their risk, increase their positive cash flow, and find properties in both hot and cold markets. An exclusive system usually reserved for REIN members only, you’ll get the “inside scoop.”
5. Advanced Due Diligence
  • Get our complete Advanced Due Diligence system that will fast become your favorite reference every time you’re considering a deal! You’ll discover “hidden gems” listed in public records that average investors ignore. There are 11 Due Diligence Questions that you MUST ask before buying any property — this presentation will teach you all of them.
6. How to Be a Sophisticated Investor (whether you’re a rookie or veteran investor)
  • This strategy will allow you to be perceived by everyone (bankers, joint venture partners, vendors, realtors, event family!) as a sophisticated investor…whether you’re buying your first property or your 100th! The results you’ll see from this will knock you off your feet – and put cash directly into your bank account!
7. Joint Venture Secrets
  • Where do you find all the capital you require to buy your investment properties … learn the secrets to attracting all the investment you need to buy as much real estate as you want. This incredible strategy has been tried and proven by investors across the country with amazing results. In fact, one of the latest emails we received was from a grad who had attracted over $650,000 in less than four months…starting from NOTHING! This is an expanded section of the ACRE program. Come and learn all the details that have helped Canadian investors raise multi-millions in investment capital quickly, legally, and ethically.
8. Your Action Plan
  • Here’s one of the most important benefits you’ll receive from your weekend with us. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a personalized action plan, complete with the exact steps YOU need to take to put your new found knowledge into work! It’s like having a road map to success. And that’s why we can give such a strong 100% guarantee to our grads!
Hard Rock Casino Vancouver
2080 United Blvd,
Coquitlam, BC
3K 6W3,

Friday November 2, 2018 - 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Saturday November 3, 2018 2017 - 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Sunday November 4, 2018 - 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Remember, the media madness going on right now only fuels the fire and scares more people into giving up their dreams.

It’s quite a shame that people fall for it – when there are simple solutions that are guaranteed to help you create your own personal nest-egg, while all those around you fall victim to the craziness being spread to the masses.

The systems we have perfected for using real estate to create sustainable lifestyles and sizable businesses work regardless of what the rest of the economy is doing.

The ACRE Program makes you money whether the economy is good or bad, whether the housing bubble is here or not, whether foreign buyers are buying or not.

This system has the unique characteristic that it can adapt to the market swings and to the present day situation.

So please do not delay….

We know from experience this event WILL sell out. Especially at this price!

Now is the time to act.

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Tina Myrvang

Client Care Lead
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The strategy works in every province. What you need to watch for are demographic, economics, political state etc. When we host a live event, the speakers, experts, sponsors and members are from that province. As a Member, you will get full access to the Edmonton ACRE as well as the past Edmonton ACRE from 2017 is in your Member Back Office.