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New Status Updates

  1. mehta
    Looking for an investment property in Mississauga/Brampton Area.
  2. Cody Mosley
    Cody Mosley
    Rookie investor looking for name of a solid mortgage broker that deals with investment properties in Kelowna BC. Looking to buy more. 3+
  3. Tony Miller
    Tony Miller
    Helping Investors Build Wealth in Ottawa!
  4. Darren Harmon
    Darren Harmon Sherilynn
    Hi what is the best way to reach you I'm new to real estate and just have a due queries about the Edmonton area
  5. Amy Leong
    Amy Leong
    Getting ready! VIP LUXURY HIGHRISE launch by Concord Pacific next to Skytrain in Surrey. Excited to be buying here and helping REIN members!
  6. mehta
    Rookie real estate investor looking for mentor
  7. Stephanie3745
    Stephanie3745 CraigSmith
    Hi Craig
    You had mentioned that you can forward me your contacts in Vernon and Kelowna. Please can you send them to me? Thanks Stephanie
  8. Randon
    Active investor with current portfolio. Looking for JV partners.
  9. Darlene11383
    New member as of March 16/17! Happy to finally have joined and looking forward to meeting many of you! :)
  10. Amy Leong
    Amy Leong
    Excited for REIN BC meeting tonight !
  11. Yuri Mathelier
    Yuri Mathelier
    Real Estate Enthusiast
  12. Craig7529
    Craig7529 Tina Myrvang
    Thank you Tina very much appreciated.
  13. Craig7529
    Craig7529 Tina Myrvang
    Good morning Tina. Did you have any success with locating a property mgmt company in the Barrie /Orillia
    ares that may take on a horse hobby farm? Craig
    1. Tina Myrvang
      Tina Myrvang
      Hello Craig, I put in a call to a realtor that I trust and she owns a Property Management Company in Barrie. She has not called me back, but I do have her information that I will email you now.
      Mar 2, 2017
  14. Joel_k
    Researching fundamentals in AB
  15. James11083
    James11083 Cleigh
    Just finished reading the ACRE system.... and totally new too. Great book! Good luck!
  16. Julie11096
    Getting started in real estate investment!
  17. Marty Gordon
    Marty Gordon Somi
    You definitely want it in writing, but also just explain that there are certain areas of the yard that are designated for the basement tenants, and certain areas of the yard that are designated for the main floor tenants.
  18. German11111
    German Contreras
  19. Somi
    Hi, I am in Ontario and I want to rent my basement. How I can ask him not entering backyard and just use the front yard.
    1. BREAKRZ
      put it in the contract, maybe even put a lock on the for as well but you shouldn't have to as long as it is in the contract.
      Feb 21, 2017
  20. freshcoast
    How can I help? Do you need an ear to listen, a second opinion, a referral or somewhere to safely grow your capital? Happy to help, cheers!