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Excited to speak at REIN Summit this Saturday. Join our Conquering Fear & Taking Action in Uncertain Times Breakout Room - Lots of opportunities and ways to break through the doom and gloom!
Good Morning TINA! When you have a moment , I would like to discuss the 5W's of GDP! Sound interesting? lol
Hello Thomas: I finally gave up trying to buy the Qualicum Beach property. I have an accepted offer on a Mobile Home/RV Park near Williams Lake. Eugen Klein is the agent and Kyle Green is working with me to finance it. Numbers look good and Kyle helped the seller buy the property 6-7 years a ago. Patrick at the E52 meeting this afternoon suggested I connect with you if possible. My email is Terry@sanctuaryholdings.ca
Mr. Thomas . Hope u all are well. RENT TO OWN agreement copy from where i can get to make sure right clauses can put, please if you can email me gurdhiansidhu@hotmail.com
Does anyone have any experience with Agreement to Purchase transactions? Any tips on what to look out for?
Did you get any feedback on your question? I have bought two properties with An Agreement for Sale and sold one using that method. Carl