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New Status Updates

  1. George11824
    Brand new to this!
  2. Amy Leong
    Amy Leong
    *SOLD* Plan A at The Wexley. Where there is a will, there is a way!! Congrats to our Buyers in this AMAZING Willoughby Town Centre location
  3. Amy Leong
    Amy Leong
    *SOLD* Investment Suite 215 2250 Commercial Dr. Congrats to our Seller who did phenomenally well and we were able to keep the tenant on!
  4. Shawn11100
    I'm looking at a multifamily opportunity. I'm hammering out some of the details... It needs to work for my JV partner and I.
  5. joao kadonkechi
    joao kadonkechi
    GET YOUR GENUINE LOAN HERE. Contact us through the below email if you are interested in a loan or need investor. joaokilic AT gmail DOT com
  6. Amy Leong
    Amy Leong
    *SOLD* 1105 13750 100 Ave at Park Avenue West by Concord Pacific. Tenant applications through the roof, yes!! #bealandlord #wealthbuilding
  7. Hilary Kohal
    Hilary Kohal
    Two student-rental properties FOR SALE - St. Catharines, ON $2790/mo until April 2018
  8. Amy Leong
    Amy Leong
    WOW!! Line ups starting for Wexley Town Homes in Willoughby. Need comfy chairs. Good thing we sold multiple units at WEX before the madness
  9. Amy Leong
    Amy Leong
    We can't wait to launch Concord Pacific's Park Boulevard, luxury high-rise next to King George station & future LRT #wealthbuilding #surrey
  10. Caleb West
    Caleb West
    New Build JV Partner looking for partners to build a life of significance with.
  11. Caleb West
    Caleb West
    Builder of Significance-Value Adder-Guy who buys the 1st, 3rd coffee-New Home and Multi Family Constructor
  12. Benoit Hamel
    Benoit Hamel
    French & English speaking with little Mandarin
  13. Kjeck
    Knowledge it's treasure, Work - a key for it.
  14. Abel11120
    Curiousor and Curiousor
  15. mehta
    Excited to attend #ACRE2017 in Toronto...
  16. Caleb West
    Caleb West
    Were a general contracting firm with a niche market in new builds with JV partners focusing on Seniors and Young Professional Housing.
  17. Deeker
  18. Deeker
  19. Deeker
  20. Chi