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New Status Updates

  1. Michael__Aaron_13741
  2. Marco9292
  3. anne-marie lavie
    anne-marie lavie
    New Real Estate Investor eager to start
  4. SamPerren
    Do you want benefit from the fantastic returns possible in real estate?
  5. happylandlord
    hola! happy new year folks!! does anyone know when the new top 10 for Ontario will be released?? thanks!!
  6. Zac11995
    Zac11995 Rob Clarke
    Hi Rob. Sorry I didn't reply to your message. I didn't realise I had one. No email or notification was sent to me.. must be something in the settings I need to change. Any how thank you for the offer. Im sure it is too late now but I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. My apologies. Happy New year! :) Zac.
  7. Premal_13508
    Rookie to the world of Real Estate with lots of Big Dreams about financial freedom and making a positive dent in communities around me.
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  8. Eric12830
    Multifamily building in Edmonton and looking for JV partners to come with cash to close. Please message or call me at 778-881-7577
  9. Rahim2161
    Rahim2161 ThomasBeyer
    Hi Thomas, any suggestions on Trailer Park financing in Ontario? ie Are there any lenders who understand Trailer Park Financing? Thanks R
  10. Rupinder11170
  11. Mike12977
    Working on the 3rd door
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  12. Alex10783
    Financial Freedom Here We Come!
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  13. Amy Leong
    Amy Leong
    Launching Concord Brentwood Hillside East, stunning tower 5 min from skytrain & new mall. Long term hold. VIPs msg asap, previews this week
  14. paul85s10355
    paul85s10355 Sarah10309
    Hi Sarah, what is the opportunity in Burlington?
  15. JEM Real Estate
    JEM Real Estate
    Several Exclusive Development Opportunities Currently Availalbe - Contact for details
  16. Angela13463
    Starting out with a friend in Calgary. Looking to build a team and do Airbnb with each property.
  17. Malaika
    Starting out in Calgary with Airbnb properties. Looking to build a team.
  18. Nick C
    Nick C
    Ready To Invest In Multi-Family In Ottawa(NCR)
  19. Ian B
    Ian B ThomasBeyer
    Hi Thomas,
    I'm new to REIN and want to learn the best way to get going. I have 7 years experience in commercial sales and leasing and am looking to get into my first building.
    If you have a moment I would love to learn the best approach to take in connecting with REIN.

  20. DebbieA
    DebbieA Tina Myrvang
    Hi Tina,

    I recently opened a small business (non real estate related) and I was wondering where I could post it on my rein space or even if I am allowed to?
    1. Tina Myrvang
      Tina Myrvang
      Hi Debbie,
      Please email me the information. What type of business is it?

      Have you looked in the Resource Directory? Is there a category that it would fit in?
      Nov 17, 2017