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  1. DJ_Edward11875
    DJ_Edward11875 Jack M
    Hey Jack,
    I saw one of your posts in the JV section of myreinspace and was wondering what is the best email address to fire you a quick email? Shoot me an email at for a quick chat thanks.
  2. DJ_Edward11875
    DJ_Edward11875 Edwin11561
    Hey Edwin,
    I saw your post in the JV section and am wondering what is the best email address for me to contact you?
    Fire me an email to for a quick chat thanks.
  3. DJ_Edward11875
    DJ_Edward11875 Giselle_12497
    Hey Giselle. Fire me over an email at so we can discuss some details about your RTO opportunities. Hope to hear from you soon thank you.
  4. Michael12031
    Michael12031 ThomasBeyer
    Hi Thomas, We own several properties but have never joint ventured before. I believe you posted a detailed list last year of responsibilities and duties that the active partner carries out. Would you mind sharing this list with me and may be a few tips on where I could find more information on how to present win win partnerships?
  5. Kim8508
    Prior member/investor rejoined
  6. Danna13688
  7. jay1214u
    jay1214u Matt Crowley
    Hello Matt, I want to shift from residential to commercial investing in GTA or surrounding area. I have two rental property in GTA. My strategy is to build a QSR franchise by buying a shop, build it, operate and sell the business only after 12-16 months. How and where should I start? I have 150 K to start and probably will need a JV partner. Thanks for your data driven insights. Jay
  8. jay1214u
    jay1214u DonCampbell
    Hi Don, My strategy is to buy a retail quick service restaurant (QSR with real estate), build it, operate it for a year and sell the business only in 12 -16 months in the GTA area. Let the business pay my fixed and recurring cost. Repeat the process after 16 months. Is there a link for commercial like for residential Thanks Jay
  9. Mark Smith
    Mark Smith
    Step by step, place became property, property became a mortgage, and mortgages became derivative investments.
  10. jhellman88
    jhellman88 ThomasBeyer
    Thanks for the articles Thom! Crushed them! Hungry for more :) What part of Canada are you local too? I live in Calgary right now!
  11. Mario MOreno
    Mario MOreno
    Understanding Real Estate
  12. JROC
    JROC Edison12296
    Hi, how did it go with that private money deal? Email me if you want to chat more about private money lending deals or other real estate deals.
  13. JROC
    JROC Darcy531
    Hi Darcy, send me details on your 12 unit. My email is Thanks
  14. cbfd
    cbfd TangoWhiskey
    Hi, I'm intrigued by the methods you use to determine areas where you can get 85% CMHC financing... would you be open to sharing how you determine this? Thanks
  15. EricPeters
    Actively seeking both investors and Multi-Family properties. Also active as an REIA, coaching in the mulrti-family arena.
  16. Sherrie Larocque
    Sherrie Larocque
    Hi I’m a real estate wholesaler based in Saskatoon, Sk. I’m growing my buyers list everyday please contact me 306-716-4923
  17. Victoria11860
    Victoria11860 Tina Myrvang
    Hi Tina, I'm looking to learn about RRSPs from Valden Palm Mr. RRSP. I can't find him in the search field of members. Can you point me in the right direction?
    1. Tina Myrvang
      Tina Myrvang
      Hello Victoria, Valden's name on here is: misterrrsp
      Jan 24, 2018
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    2. Victoria11860
      Thank you Tina
      Jan 30, 2018
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  18. Michael__Aaron_13741
    Looking to dive in
  19. Marco9292
  20. anne-marie lavie
    anne-marie lavie
    New Real Estate Investor eager to start