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  1. camilleawad/realtor
  2. ET
    ET ThomasBeyer
    I am looking for an expert investment realtor in the Lethbridge, AB area. I would appreciate any info you can provide me. Thanks
  3. spanacci98
    spanacci98 Tina Myrvang
    Hi Tina, hope all is well and glad that you're interested in exchanging referrals. What area do you specialize in, so I can keep you in mind if my clients want to invest in your area? I work the York Region and Toronto area.
  4. Marco9292
    where is the best source to get up to date GDP information by city?
  5. Myra
    Myra ThomasBeyer
    Hi Thomas and Happy Easter!

    In JV partnership for over 2 million dollar commercial property we are money partner and would like to know if being a money partner we are responsible to pay for all the downpayment and closing expenses ( including creating corporation) or should we ask our expert partner for some investment from his part. Thank you so much!
  6. MichaelRee
    Contact me to find out how to get back 50% of the buyers commission on your next investment purchase 778-386-9686
  7. MichaelRee
    80acres for Sale $14million in Greater Vancouver for 1acre lots contact me for more details 778-386-9686
  8. edmontoncanadarealestate
    cross laminate timber 4 storey rental building, close to university, lrt, river valley.
  9. edmontoncanadarealestate
    Owner will give 12 months to rezone, right now need $50-75K for refundable deposit then money to start the rezoning process. 60 units
  10. edmontoncanadarealestate
    Looking for Money Partner for west edmonton development, transit oriented within 200m of future lrt. 22000 sqft site, could build approx 60u
    1. RicksLeads
      You can buy apartments in Edmonton for 100k/door
      There are hundreds of foreclosure properties. Not time to deals instead
      Mar 29, 2018
  11. Shane12333
    It's better to burn out than fade away!
  12. Michael__Aaron_13741
    Looking for a partner to invest in Buy and Hold properties.
  13. MarkOnaba
    MarkOnaba JoeReinhardt
    Hi Joe,
    I may have an opportunity to JV. Could you give me a call 780-618-7991 or shoot me an email at

    Thanks Joe.
  14. Rusti12591
    Rusti12591 DonnaMcGuire
    That is great information. Thank you Donna
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  15. DonnaMcGuire
    Rapid Cash manuals (all 3!) are almost complete :) Same strategies (AFS, RTO, Assignments, JV) with a new, take-action approach
  16. misterrrsp
    FULL RENO St. Albert bungalow w/ in-law suite.. PCF for investors or owners.Call Valden 587-937-1600 in Edm or Shelley 403-614-3645 in Calg
    1. misterrrsp
      This property is a mint full renovation... perfect family neighbourhood, perfect investment opportunity for PCF!! Open house this weekend at 69 Sunset Blvd. 2-4pm Sat/Sun... or setup private viewing before the weekend rush.. Just hit MLS yesterday... buyers commissions secured for realtor inquiries
      Mar 7, 2018
  17. DJ_Edward11875
    DJ_Edward11875 Jack M
    Hey Jack,
    I saw one of your posts in the JV section of myreinspace and was wondering what is the best email address to fire you a quick email? Shoot me an email at for a quick chat thanks.
  18. DJ_Edward11875
    DJ_Edward11875 Edwin11561
    Hey Edwin,
    I saw your post in the JV section and am wondering what is the best email address for me to contact you?
    Fire me an email to for a quick chat thanks.
  19. DJ_Edward11875
    DJ_Edward11875 Giselle_12497
    Hey Giselle. Fire me over an email at so we can discuss some details about your RTO opportunities. Hope to hear from you soon thank you.
  20. Michael12031
    Michael12031 ThomasBeyer
    Hi Thomas, We own several properties but have never joint ventured before. I believe you posted a detailed list last year of responsibilities and duties that the active partner carries out. Would you mind sharing this list with me and may be a few tips on where I could find more information on how to present win win partnerships?
    1. ET
      I am interested in seeing your detailed list!
      Apr 16, 2018