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    8-PLEX for sale in the Toronto Beaches

    8-PLEX FOR SALE in the Toronto Beaches!! Asking: 3.2M Gross Annual Income: $150,322 NOI: $118,050 CAP: 3.69% Great potential to renovate, add more units, sever, and increase your NOI. This is an Off Market Opportunity. If this is a property you are interested to learn more about then please...
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    Looking For 6 Plex or Larger up to 2 Million - Barrie, Orillia, Guelph, and GTA

    Hello Fellow Investors, I'm looking to purchase a 6 plex or larger property in the following locations: GTA Guelph Barrie Orillia We have a budget of up to 2 million. Units need to be legal for financing reasons. We also need a DCR of at least 1.2. Please message me if you have anything or know...
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    Toronto East Turn Key 2 Unit House For Sale

    Hello Fellow REIN Members, We have a fully renovated turn key 2 unit home for sale in East Toronto. Location is Danforth Ave and Monarch Park Ave. Address is 88 Monarch Park Ave. List Price is $799,900 It is a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom 2 storey main unit that has a living room, dining room, gourmet...
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    KW vs Barrie (Cash Flow)

    There will always be good and bad tenants in any city you decide to invest in. I have learned in the past 8 years that becoming a specialist in not only a City, but in a specific location within a City is key. You learn to become the expert, as well as learn what works and what doesn't work...
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    My Dad was right

    I wanted to share a video interview that means a lot to's between me and my Dad. My Dad has always been great at offering his advice to us as children. When I was younger, sometimes I didn`t want to listen to his advice`I thought I knew better. As time went on, I would remember what...
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    Can anyone recommend an Architect in Toronto?

    Hello Members, I am looking for an Architect in the Toronto Area that has some experience with duplexes and triplexes. Any recommendations would be helpful and appreciated.
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    High Rental Demand in The Toronto Beaches

    I guess everyone has their own way of analyzing properties and their own opinions on where they wish to invest. I am not here to argue that. Here are the facts: Rental Income: $3,770 Mortgage: $2,183 (amortized 30 years at 3.3%) Taxes: $263 Insurance: $100 Repairs/Maintenance: $347...
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    High Rental Demand in The Toronto Beaches

    Hello REIN Investors, I wanted to share with you the "after video" of a duplex renovation in The Toronto Beaches...If you want to view the "before video" and post then click here: Here...
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    Aruba Beaches vs Toronto Beaches

    Hello Fellow REIN Investors, I decided to find out what investment opportunities were available in Aruba. I took a look at several Apartments, Houses, and Villas and learned that the prices start from $250,000 and climb up to $4,000,000. During the high season which is between December and...
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    #1 Lesson This Recession Taught You?

    Hey REIN Investors, Would love to hear everyone's comments here. What was the #1 lesson this recession taught you? Whether it was in your professional life, personal life, or business, this recession had an impact on everyone in one way or another. During our Beach Mastermind Group we...
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    Toronto`s Real Estate Bubble

    Hello REIN Investors,Is there a `bubble` in Toronto`s Real Estate Market? You`ll hear different opinions from everyone you speak with and every newspaper you read. Tim Syrianos is the Broker of Record and Owner of Remax Ultimate Realty Inc., Brokerage and he has been in the Real Estate...
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    Issues Discovered During Renovations

    Hey REIN Investors, Here is a little wake up call...When you are looking to purchase a property, you normally take proactive steps in getting a home inspection done so you can find out what the major deficiencies are with the house. However, there are some things that just cannot be discovered...