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    The importance of choosing an Investment focused realtors

    Property acquisition is by far the most most difficult aspect of real estate investing. Almost all of your gains are made the day you buy the property, thus a bad purchase may not be obvious for a while, even years, so in my opinion 95% of your focus should be on locating winning deals. You can...
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    Edmonton PM with monthly reporting

    I receive all of the above from Braden Equities.
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    Minimum Cash on Cash rate & Cap rate

    The answer is it depends. What type of income property are you contemplating? Returns differ greatly on what you buy and where. Are you buying a condo, house, duplex, apartment, commercial property? Keep in mind your 'projected' cash on cash return almost never matches reality. For the most part...
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    How do you convert principal pay down into a percent that would represent the pay down part of your return?

    Down payment plus all associated closing costs divided by annual pay down is a rough estimate to calculate the percent return on principal pay down, which is in fact the only 'real' portion of your return you can calculate. Cash flow and hypothetical appreciation are components, however far...
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    Best market in Canada

    Avoid Kelowna at all costs, massive overbuilding and prices already coming down fast in the past month or so.. Alberta is the best right now, Edmonton, maybe Saskatchewan in a year or so as not quite at the bottom yet. Best though is to buy something close to where you live for a 10+ year hold...
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    Court ruling requires sold Toronto home prices to be made public!

    Well certainly you can also cut your own hair, change your own oil, or any other list of tasks one can delegate but who really has the appetite to market, advertise, show, negotiate the sale of your home? Good realtors will still do okay, especially in the commercial sector so I don't see a lot...
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    Pre Construction Down Payment

    To me this is the riskiest type of real estate investing there is. Yes you could turn 20K into 150 if your early in the cycle but could also turn into -150 especially in incredibly heated markets like Kelowna. The other thing I don't like is your buying a product that you can't even see. I would...
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    Asphalt shingle warranty

    Like an insurance claim, expect this to take some time and try to be patient. If you have all the paperwork and are well organized it should go fairly smoothly. I would approach a second or third roofing company for an estimate of repair, so you know the true value to fix vs. what the roofing...
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    Lease does not matter any more with the RTDRS

    Welcome to landlording. The lease only really protects the tenant from rent increases, something non existent in Alberta in the past 4 years. It is almost non enforceable if they break their lease and leave, and is not worth your time and effort. The RTDRS is also a complete joke set up for...
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    Apartment building appreciation

    To find a decent project expect to comb over 100 listings, visit a dozen properties, make a handful of offers for every purchase. There are three categories of building you can buy: Value add - 20% or more below market value but needing a lot of work. Can do very well in a short term time...
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    Apartment building appreciation

    Buy the present not the future. Apartments will keep going up, especially smaller ones as folks make the first jump to multi family where vendors are just waiting for over zealous first time, unsophisticated buyers. Don't fall into this trap as so many have.
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    How many markets should you be in as a rookie?

    Yes you certainly can, but as a rookie why would you? Learn to swim in your backyard pool before attempting the ocean. When you are starting out your chances of failure increase dramatically the further away your asset is.
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    How many markets should you be in as a rookie?

    I am strictly an inter-provincial investor in two markets and it is one too many. The only property I own in BC (and plan to own) is the house in which I live. One of the WORST, and most expensive mistakes a rookie can make is investing far from home.
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    young beginner real estate investor looking for advise

    Seriously man? How many newbies have you seen who bought their first home for 5% down and held for 5 years or longer and lost money?.. How many newbies have lost money investing with so called "experts" in real estate and land deals loaded with upfront and ongoing fees, second mortgages...
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    How many markets should you be in as a rookie?

    The main reason why do it yourself beats investing in a 'suit' as you say, is you aren't charged the heavy and ridiculous fees charged regardless of performance, not to mention all of the shady dealings, bankruptcies, and ventures that go sour trusting your hard earned money to a 'professional'...