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    12-Unit in Edmonton

    No manager in Edmonton that I know of would take on such a project.
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    12-Unit in Edmonton

    I have talked to so many out of province investors who bought based on god knows what info from whom, their first multi in Edmonton in these such areas and are now stuck and bleeding hard. As Thomas says: Many a rookie MF investor has lost his shirt in Edmonton! Don't walk from this deal, RUN!!
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    2018 - a tough year but two apartment building purchases in Alberta for 68 doors

    Things are much better now thanks, and yes my boy is recovering well, so we are having a party this weekend to celebrate! Now off to buy more real estate before the buying window closes ;)
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    JV'ing existing co-owned RE, removing the co-owner

    The problem here is all of these options include greasy hands in your pocket stealing the equity you have worked hard to build. It sounds like you wish to keep and she wishes to sell, but depending on what you are able to work out the best all around solution is to simply calculate the equity...
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    JV'ing existing co-owned RE, removing the co-owner

    It is unclear of what the risk is to you losing your portfolio, and why you are looking to JV in the first place. Generally what you would do is treat it like a new purchase and get a new 80% LTV mortgage and appraisal as day 'zero' with a partner, then do a 50/50 split from that day forward...
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    Alberta condos vs. multifamily: is the sum greater than the parts?

    Just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it's a better investment. There are many folks underwater still who bought apartment converted condos in the Alberta boom of 2007. Tack on reserve fund issues, and incompetent condo boards, all form a case that condo's, especially in older walk ups make...
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    I could really use everyone's help against a frustrating builder...

    For the amount of cash we are talking about here, this is not worth another millisecond of your time.
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    Tax Audits

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    Southern BC Cash Cow - Over 9 cap apartment building for sale

    Greetings investors, here is one you should check out in the booming Trail area of southern BC. Owners have done many upgrades, the building is full and generates over $6000 per month with a price point of less than $400,000. Follow the link for more info...
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    Asbestos inspection

    No, just mask up as the particles are friable and remove all ceiling, and floor tiles and you should be good.
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    5% down payment question

    It's not just for first time home buyers, but everyone as far as I know as long as you just have one. More than one individual I know personally has done very well by buying with 5% down, living there for a year, renting out, and buying another place at 5% and repeating several times.
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    Multifamily in Edmonton

    Anytime, if you wish more info don't hesitate to direct message me.
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    RTO rent to own

    I'm not suggesting they are a scam, I'm just saying they are controversial and one must have a compelling reason on why your doing it. If for example, you knew the market was about to experience high appreciation, but who does? Do you have a good reason on why you must buy now?
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    RTO rent to own

    Is there such thing as a good payday loan or reverse mortgage?
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    Are small cities of 30-40k of population safe to invest in?

    As noted it is also MUCH more difficult to find decent and/or reliable trades or property management and costs can often exceed what you can get in a larger center. You can do extremely well if you time correctly, I just saw a premium building in Fort McMurray sell for 70K a door, 5 years ago...