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    you can get what you want

    Great post. Thank you for sharing. Outliers is a good read. I highly recommend it as well Malcolm Gladwell`s Blink and the Tipping point.
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    Looking for a handy man London Ontario

    Hello fellow Rein members. I`m looking for a contact or recommendations for a handy man in London Ontario. Thanks in Advance.
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    Fort McMurray REIN Members?

    QUOTE (AndrewWeir @ Oct 29 2008, 11:18 AM) Is there anyone in Fort McMurray that would be willing to answer some questions I have??? I am new to this and am looking for some like minded individuals that may be living here. I am very interested in becoming a REIN member and would love to talk to...
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    Creative Financing - Suggestions anyone?

    I would suggest a 3 way JV with another investor. QUOTE (EdmInvestor @ Sep 16 2008, 09:56 AM) Hello fellow investors, A partner and I tied up a 4 suite building in Edmonton. We are working with a good investor minded mortgage broker for financing. We originally wanted to do 5% down, however...
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    No man (or woman) is an Island.....S.O.S

    Hello my fellow REIN members hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. I am a fairly new member looking for some wisdom, guidance or advice and maybe even all of the above if possible with my current situation. I just moved to fort Mc murry from Ontario less than a year ago and I am having...
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    Re locating to Fort Mc Murray

    Hello fellow REIN members. I`m considering accepting a job in Fort McMurray Alberta and would be starting in October. I`m aware that the real estate and rental market in fort mcmurray can be challenging to say the least. I`m looking for contacts, advice or experience in this part of Alberta...