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    New Kitchen Cabinets

    I’ve put in over a dozen IKEA kitchens over the past 6 years and overall I’ve been very pleased with design features, quality, cost and convenience of ordering ( their in-house sales people help design and give suggestions at no charge, on their in-house 3D software, which you can access and use...
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    Anyone investing in Sarnia, Ontario?

    Hi Mark: with regards to London, as an investor, property manager and realtor as well as living here for 30 years, I have a lot of insight I can share with you. Let me know if you’re still interested and we can meet for coffee or maybe at the next REIN meeting in TO.
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    Leasing mechanical equipment for rentals in AB ??

    I’m a realtor and investor in London Ontario. Here, most,if not all, new built homes come with a hot water rental, unless a buyer requests to put in a bought one they pay for in the deal. Most home buyers of new builds don’t think about it, are use to it from their previous home, or don’t want...
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    First Tax season as a Landlord

    A professional accountant/bookkeeper who also owns income properties is ideal in my mind. More insights vs book knowledge only.
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    Prior member/investor rejoined

    Prior member/investor rejoined
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    Anyone investing in Sarnia, Ontario?

    Hi Mark: As an investor; property manager and realtor who has lived in London for 30 years, I can share with you a lot of insights about the city and area. Let’s get together for coffee.
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    London Area Real Estate Investment Club meeting

    Hi! As a realtor, I live and invest in London. I was a REIN member 8 years ago, for 3 years, and just rejoined. If there is, or you’d like to get a group together, let me know.
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    Selling a new built-in house in London, On.

    Hi! As a REIN member, property investor and realtor in London, I can give you a few options in selling your property ideally in your timeline. Contact me if interested.
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    Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Agent in London, ON

    Hi Chris: not sure if you’re still looking in the London area. I’m a London realtor and was part of REIN 8 years ago, for 3 years, and just rejoined Jan 2018. I’ve been investing/renovating/property managing over the past 10 years and can answer any questions you may have.