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Alberta and BC - The Top 2 Places on the Planet to
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Apr 25, 2018 at 10:04 PM
    1. ET
      I am looking for an expert investment realtor in the Lethbridge, AB area. I would appreciate any info you can provide me. Thanks
    2. Myra
      Hi Thomas and Happy Easter!

      In JV partnership for over 2 million dollar commercial property we are money partner and would like to know if being a money partner we are responsible to pay for all the downpayment and closing expenses ( including creating corporation) or should we ask our expert partner for some investment from his part. Thank you so much!
    3. Michael12031
      Hi Thomas, We own several properties but have never joint ventured before. I believe you posted a detailed list last year of responsibilities and duties that the active partner carries out. Would you mind sharing this list with me and may be a few tips on where I could find more information on how to present win win partnerships?
      1. ET
        I am interested in seeing your detailed list!
        Apr 16, 2018
    4. jhellman88
      Thanks for the articles Thom! Crushed them! Hungry for more :) What part of Canada are you local too? I live in Calgary right now!
    5. Rahim2161
      Hi Thomas, any suggestions on Trailer Park financing in Ontario? ie Are there any lenders who understand Trailer Park Financing? Thanks R
    6. Ian B
      Ian B
      Hi Thomas,
      I'm new to REIN and want to learn the best way to get going. I have 7 years experience in commercial sales and leasing and am looking to get into my first building.
      If you have a moment I would love to learn the best approach to take in connecting with REIN.

    7. LillianHo
      Hi Thomas, could you recommend me a lawyer that can do mobile home park purchase transaction? I am in Vancouver. Thanks.
    8. joao kadonkechi
      joao kadonkechi
      GET YOUR GENUINE AND GUARANTEED LOAN HERE.We offer all loans to interested persons from any country for any purpose. Contact us through the below email if you are interested in a loan or need investor.
    9. Chris10010
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    10. JROC
      Hi Thomas, I appreciate your expert advice and wanted to ask you a question about private mortgages.
      - what do you think about them? - how would one start a private mortgage biz with 2 - 3 guys in the group? We wanted to start small then bring on more investors as more money is required.
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    11. Octavio7092
      Hi Thomas. I am a new member and I would like to know if you would recommend realtors that deal with multi family in Calgary and Edmonton area. Thanks!
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    12. Jessica7873
      Hi Thomas, just wanted to say I'm a new member and really enjoying your responses to other members questions! Take care...Jessica Smith from Vancouver, BC.
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    Alberta and BC - The Top 2 Places on the Planet to
    Chief Motivator, Chief Evangelist, Chief Decision
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    Don`t wait to invest in real estate .. Invest in real estate and wait ! This obviously implies that you have cash-flow while you hold. True wealth is created by (buying, then fixing up, then) holding for a LONG LONG time .. perhaps re-financing once in a while as you hold !
    Thomas Beyer was a computer scientist with a strong interest in business principles. He finished high school in 1978, went to the German air force as an officer candidate from 1978 to 1982, then finished his computer science degree (M.Sc.) in Munich in 1986 while also working various part-time and summer jobs primarily in the software industry. He traveled the world during those years, visiting and working in countries such as the US, Canada, Spain and South-Africa. He moved to Edmonton, AB in 1986 and finished his MBA at the University of Alberta in 1988.

    Thomas started his Canadian career in BC for a subsidiary of then BC Tel, developing and testing network management software. He progressed to marketing, product management, software solutions sales and software project management, for 8 years with IBM and after 1997, 6+ years with the IBM business partner Lightyear Consulting that he co-managed and later co-owned to sell IBM software and related consulting services. He has lived in the lower mainland in BC, in Alberta, in Toronto, Germany, South Africa and now runs a $125M+ asset owning firm from Canmore, AB and Vancouver, BC - with the help of capable partners and trusted employees; and of course various laptops/iPhones.

    Thomas founded Prestigious Properties in 2000 specializing in multi-family apartment buildings. Prestigious Properties has since grown into a group of companies or limited partnerships with a carefully selected small group of associates or co-owners. He believes in turning under-valued properties into Prestigious Properties, for the benefit of investors, tenants and communities. He currently manages over 125 million dollars of profitable, cash flow positive real estate assets, primarily apartment buildings and mobile home parks with a total of around 1000 suites in AB, BC, ON and TX and some significant land holdings.

    He is happily married with two young adult children. He also co-owns and is the chairman of the board of the property management firm (Fireside Property Group - ) that manages over 1600 apartment units, primarily in Alberta.

    He invests his own money and that of other people to create wealth for himself, his co-investors and for God's kingdom and communities at large through improved property values, better buildings, creative marketing techniques, better HR policies and more ethical tenant and sub-contractor policies.

    More on

    He is also the author of the book "80 Lessons Learned on the Road from $80,000 to $80,000,000" with a foreword by Don R. Campbell as well as a co-author with Ozzie Jurock on his newest book called "Real Estate Action 2.0".


    743 Railway Ave