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    2018 - a tough year but two apartment building purchases in Alberta for 68 doors

    Wow Cory, sorry to hear about your son, but agreed, it's motivation. Congrats on your stellar year. Lesson to be learned here. I like your saying "good deals have come at the most inopportune times with all red lights and a glimmer of green at the end" very inspiring.
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    Don't Miss our BEST ACRE EVER!

    This is our most current ACRE ever and we don’t want you to miss the exciting ground-breaking tools and strategies for your real estate investing and for the future of your real estate investing business. The Alberta real estate cycle doesn't follow oil like it used to. This is presenting some...
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    Tenant Screening Services

    I loved it!!!!
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    Tenant Screening Services

    I wanted to share the links to the meeting Sherilyn Milsom was a presenter. I highly suggest you going through her presentation. She is an expert on tenancy in Alberta. She delves deeper into tenant applications, screening and reference checks. She will help you explore all of the available...
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    Ontario lease - guarantor on standard lease agreement 2229e

    That was straight from our Legal expert in Ontario when he presented the new lease in April. This is a question we get a lot. Attached the Guarantor as a Schedule A. Have a great day.
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    Ontario lease - guarantor on standard lease agreement 2229e

    Hello, The Guarantor/Co-Signor should state that they are guaranteeing all of the obligations of the tenant in the attached lease shown as Schedule A. Then just attach the lease to the guarantee and call it Schedule A.
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    Hello David, The Vancouver ACRE will be held November 2-4 at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam.
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    Unable to view video from REIN Finance Centre Mortgage Update September 2018 email

    It's in the Member Back Offfice. Log in at Go to Knowledge Vault Go to Meeting Content and you will find it there!
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    Kitchener Waterloo Multi Family Flip Episode 11 | AFTER Walk Through

    Great Job Mat, they look amazing. Lucky tenants!
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    Bed Bugs

    FROM A REIN MEMBER THAT WISHES TO STAY ANONYMOUS Diatomaceous Earth is not a total solution! Speaking from experience, diatomaceous earth will only diminish the numbers of bedbugs. Given the rapid pace at which bedbugs reproduce, you will still have a HUGE problem. Diatomaceous Earth will also...
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    User name

    You send you request to with what you wish to have your user name as.
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    Maximum allowable rent increase set for 2019 for BC is 4.5%

    Read the full story HERE
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    Edmonton PM with monthly reporting

    This company comes highly recommended by a fellow REIN member. RE/MAX Commercial Capital Property Management For Website Click HERE #300 10171 Saskatchewan Drive Edmonton, AB T6E 4R5 Phone: 587.525.8900 Fax: 780.628.0670 Comes Highly recommended by a fellow REIN member...
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    Edmonton PM with monthly reporting

    Jared is from TILT Properties. REIN is no longer associated with Jared and his company.