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Hudson Place One in Downtown Victoria - VIP Ambassador Realtor Pricing & Purchase Opportunity !!
Purchase before public release !
Hi, I meet with real estate investors / investors once a month. We have anywhere from 5-8 people per month. I would be interested in attending / merging my group. We meet in Surrey, Delta, Langley, New West. Usually somewhere central at a restaurant or pub.

My name is Jon text me 778 999 5296.
Hi Tina. I am ready to be listed in the resource area again please. How do I go about it ?
Tina Myrvang
Tina Myrvang
Email me what you want me to post to with your area of expertise etc.
A woman I know moved here from Calagary and is looking to rent a bachelor or 1 bedroom, maximum 30 minutes from Downtown Vancouver on transit, with a budget of $1500/month in rent. If you have/know of something decent that is available, please message me.
I am looking for an expert investment realtor in the Lethbridge, AB area. I would appreciate any info you can provide me. Thanks
Hi Tina, hope all is well and glad that you're interested in exchanging referrals. What area do you specialize in, so I can keep you in mind if my clients want to invest in your area? I work the York Region and Toronto area.
Hi Thomas and Happy Easter!

In JV partnership for over 2 million dollar commercial property we are money partner and would like to know if being a money partner we are responsible to pay for all the downpayment and closing expenses ( including creating corporation) or should we ask our expert partner for some investment from his part. Thank you so much!
80acres for Sale $14million in Greater Vancouver for 1acre lots contact me for more details 778-386-9686