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    Looking for a Whistler BC expert

    Hello REIN nation. Can anyone provide me the name or contact information of a Whistler property expert? I’m interested in purchasing an investment property in my most favourite get away spot and hoping to tap into some local experts to help find that special deal. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    New proposed legislation for BC rentals, our gov't is on a roll [emoji51]
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    What would be a good investment for 400,000

    I purchased a brand new 4 bed / 4 bath row home (non strata) in Garrison Crossing (Chilliwack on the Vedder River) 8 months ago for $485,000 + tax and it rents for $2500 per month. Another investor bought 2 and rents them for $2650 so I may have sold myself short. Great new developments with...
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    Quickest Way To Passive Income: Rents vs Flipping?

    Thank you Thomas, I thought I was missing something with all the comments about buying as many as possible. I would love to stay with single family and townhouses but the wall is already looming so I suppose I will need to learn new tricks in the near future. Any recommendations for good...
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    Quickest Way To Passive Income: Rents vs Flipping?

    Is someone able to share the magic secret of being able to qualify for as many mortgages as you possibly can? I've only been in the business for a few years; have 3 properties and a healthy, stable career/income yet I see big road blocks in my near future for qualifying for residential...
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    Quickest Way To Passive Income: Rents vs Flipping?

    I would love to buy 20 but the challenge is getting approved for residential mortgages. I have 3 in the lower mainland and already fear getting turned down for my next purchase from the bank and that is with an over $200,000 per year income. No idea how to get over that hurdle without getting...
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    Remitting GST on a new build -

    Thank you so much, this was most helpful. I do appreciate it.
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    Remitting GST on a new build -

    I'm super confused about the whole ordeal. I believe you're right Matt, I'm fairly confident the builder wants to underwrite the GST which is causing the issue. Apparently when people purchase new homes subject to GST, the usual process is buyer pays full price (inclusive of GST) and builder...
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    Remitting GST on a new build -

    Hi, My husband and I are closing on an investment property in BC. It is new construction, subject to GST and solely purchased for investment (not primary res). I've been told to acquire a GST # in order to remit the GST however the builder (seller) wants to do the same... the lawyers are in...
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    Chilliwack investing...

    I purchased a pre build in the Garrison area of Chilliwack right next to Vedder River which is scheduled to complete in January 2017. From the research I've done, There are some great pockets in Chilliwack and vacancy rates are very low. Rental rates are obviously lower then those in metro...
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    Surrey BC Market

    Like most cities; there are areas to buy in and areas to avoid in both Surrey and Chilliwack. As for the pre-build, I purchased to hold the property Long term. There are positives and negatives to pre-builds but I knew the market in south delta was likely only going up when I bought it because...
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    Mortgage Broker in Greater Vancouver Area

    I have heard nothing but excellent things about the Vine Group but have yet to work with them.
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    Surrey BC Market

    I spent a considerable amount of time looking at investment properties in Surrey, specifically along the proposed LRT line on Fraser Hwy and had a challenging time finding something where the numbers worked... I even considered pre-build townhouses. I ended up purchasing a new build in...
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    NE BC Market - an interesting read

    From what I understand there is currently $10 billion dollars in approved projects however the site C dam is $8 billion of that $10...... Although there are approximately 20 proposed projects for the region, none have received the final go ahead. Many of the major projects; Shell's LNG...
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    NE BC Market - an interesting read Thought I'd pass this article along for anyone interested in North East BC. Still some potential for those with gambling blood.... But I think I'd hold off until some ground breaks on some of the larger...